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For each card interpretation, I use my knowledge of the card’s history paired with a literary and artistic analysis of images and symbols interacting on the card’s face. I chose the Rider-Waite deck because the images are clean and great for interpreting. This deck was originally published in 1910 and is one of the more popular decks used in the English-speaking world. Following each card description, I provide readers with a few bullet points they can use to apply the card’s meaning to that of their own lives.The questions are only meant as a guide; the person receiving the reading needs to take charge, deciding how the card is applicable to them.

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Weekly World Horoscope

Weekly World Horoscope 10/10/2017

woman holds planet floating and chiron background

This week Chiron and Venus oppose each other meaning you may feel like healing someone who does not want to be healed.

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Card of the Day

The Meaning of the Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords is a strange tarot card that inspires balance because it can both imply wealth and downfall from greed. There are several meanings that drawing this card can impart.

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