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Welcome to Tell My Tarot! This is a tarot divination site. Though it began as an encyclopedia of tarot cards, it’s now an interactive hub for anyone looking for answers from the spiritual and occult. I want to share my interpretations of tarot readings with visitors to help them understand the caprices of the Universe as they navigate each day. Additionally, I hope Tell My Tarot rises to the needs of its visitors, wherever they are spiritually and psychologically, offering virtual travelers both a place of refuge and one where they can replenish and strengthen their: "May your journey be full and long-lasting" (C. Frapp).


I started this site after a few years spent journalling and researching the tarot. I hope that visitors to my site enjoy what they find here and are able to use the information as part of their own education and their personal journey through the cosmos and here on planet earth. You can also find me on where I share this same vision of tarot in interpreting your readings.


On-site tarot readings offer visitors a chance to explore card meanings from diverse perspectives. Each reading represents a particular lens and illuminates new angles for interpretation. The Love Tarot depicts each card as it relates to love whereas the Past, Present, and Future reading assesses a person’s whole life journey. The Yes/No Tarot offers precise answers to your questions, and the Daily Tarot is a comlete and often surprising journey into one particular card. I've recently added a section about the meanings of the cards in the deck I use, which I am very excited about! If you are interested, these tarot readings can be followed up with a live reading.

The tarot card meanings provide in-depth information about each tarot card’s meaning including a brief summary of each card, meditative questions based on each card’s reversed or upright position, symbol interpretation, and “Charmaine’s Take” - a few paragraphs in which I, the author of Tell My Tarot, share my own thoughts on the card’s resonances in the world today.


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