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Tell My Tarot

By Charmaine

Let's Talk Tarot, Shall We?


Welcome to Tell My Tarot! This is a site for tarot divination, daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes, and scholarship on all things tarot and zodiac. Though this began as an encyclopedia of tarot cards, it is now an interactive hub for anyone looking for answers from the spiritual and occult. I seek to share regular updates on planetary transits, cosmic events, and new tarot readings so that visitors may act in accordance with the whims and ways of the Universe as they navigate each day. Additionally, I hope Tell My Tarot meets visitors wherever they are spiritually and psychologically, offering virtual travelers both a place of refuge and for replenishing spirits both high and low: “May your journey be thorough and long-lasting” (C. Frapp).


I started this site after a few years spent journalling and researching tarot and astrology. I hope that visitors to my site enjoy what they find here and are able to use the information toward their own education as well as personal journey through the cosmos and here on planet earth. Toward this end, this site offers regular horoscopes to provide insights on what is happening beyond earth’s atmosphere such as the effects of a full Moon, jousting planets, or retrograde action. Let’s keep in touch!


On-site tarot readings offer visitors a chance to explore card meanings from diverse perspectives. Each reading represents a particular lens and illuminates new angles for interpretation. Love Tarot depicts each card as it relates to love whereas the Past, Present, and Future reading assesses a person’s whole life journey. Yes/No Tarot offers precise answers to your questions, the Discover & Learn tool introduces users to tarot’s symbols, and Card of the Day is a thorough, and surprising journey into one particular card. I've recently added Angel Readings and a section on my deck's meanings, which I am very excited about! If one is interested, these tarot readings can be followed up with a live reading. Personally I've spent a lot of time in consultation with various mediums, psychics and intuits of all sorts. I wrote about these in a few guides on online psychics, questions to ask a psychic, and are psychics real and a review of my experience getting a reading at Kasamba and Keen

Tarot card meanings provide in-depth research on each tarot card’s meaning including a brief summary of each card, meditative questions based on each card’s reversed or upright position, symbol interpretation, and “Charmaine’s Take” - a few paragraphs in which I, the author of Tell My Tarot, share my own thoughts on the card’s resonances in the world today.


We offer daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes written by the wonderful and insightful Zanna Starr. Find your sign here! She uses a variety of charts to gather astrological data including ephemeris and real time animations of planets as they rocket through space.

Sun-signs are a controversial type of horoscope popularized first in newspapers in the United Kingdom in the early 1900s. They quickly gained popularity and are now a staple of many journals. Sun sign horoscopes place house number one in the sign where the sun was when a user was born. Extended horoscopes are partly intuitive, and even though some astrologers dispute this type of horoscope, in this case, the intuitive components bolster each horoscope making it pertinent and personal.