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My name is Charmaine Frapp. The Tell My Tarot site is something I created to offer personal tarot interpretations that people can really use to start thinking deeply about their lives. Often, when I would use the internet to interpret a tarot card from my readings, I would encounter definitions that were of no help. They did not give me insight into the card in a way that was useful. I made this blog to really offer people something they could use to analyze themselves and make real changes in their lives. People come to tarot because they need it: because they are feeling disconnected, they are on the verge of a great decision, earth feels unsteady, or simply because they are curious about the future. My interpretations are designed to help people in these circumstances.

The same goes for a dream: no one else can tell the dreamer what the dream means. In the end, the dreamer must find and confirm the answers. Do not take anyone else’s word until you find, through your own experience, its truth. However, it is very helpful to have a guide in uncovering the meaning of a dream or tarot spread; this is because often we do not see what is right before us, and it can take an outsider to push us in the right direction. That said, some of what comes up in a tarot interpretation can be difficult to confront depending on what you are going through or have been through.

Sometimes a tarot reading might cause a difficult experience to resurface or bring to light aspects of yourself or others that are not so pleasant, which are hard to accept and process. It is important to make a safe space for yourself when conducting your tarot reading. Have patience and compassion for yourself. Make a cup of tea or slowly sip some nice wine and play your favorite music in the background. Whatever arises for you in your tarot reading, know that you are strong enough to contain it. Then, look to the cards for a clue as to how you can move through the difficulty into your true, liberated self, if that’s what you are searching for.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it can be helpful to begin each tarot reading session with a few questions on hand. The best questions are open-ended. Rather than, “Should I end my relationship,” you might ask, “What are some strengths and weaknesses in my relationship?” Instead of asking, “Will I become a millionaire?” you might ask, “Am I doing anything to hinder my financial prosperity?” or “How can I get out of my own way to make my financial dreams come true?”

Finally, whether or not your prepare questions for your reading, do come to the cards with an open mind and open heart. The less you hold back and the more willing you are to confront whatever the cards reveal, the more you will get out of your reading. Keep in mind that if you desire more help interpreting your cards, there are a number of professional Tarot Readers out there to help guide you in your journey. With that, I bid you adieu.

Yours Truly,

Charmaine Frapp ~ Your Tarot Guide