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About the Reading - Love Tarot - Draw One Card


The one card love tarot spread gives accurate answers to questions of love, including relationships, affairs, crushes, dating and more. Does he love me? Does she love me? Draw a tarot card to find out.


In this reading, illuminate aspects of your love life by using each tarot card as a guide for innerworkings of the heart, sensuality, and romance.

How it Works

You may use this reading as many times as you like to answer questions regarding your love-life whether you are single or attached. To begin, bring a question about your love life to mind, or simply think of your romantic self as your reading unfolds.

When the card appears, a three-paragraph description of the card surfaces. Every interpretation here is based on the card as it applies to love, and it is different from the card’s more general meanings.

You will find an overview of the card, card symbols, and a prescription letting you know what actions you might take to smooth a situation over or keep the fire burning.

Each meaning provided here is original and not available elsewhere. If you desire the full meaning of the card, you can access it through the Tarot Card Meanings page.

Charmaine’s Take

Love Tarot is, from one way of looking at it, a series of brief vignettes or poems based on each card and providing wisdom for those looking for answers concerning their love life.

You will find that this is an affirmative reading though it also mentions toxic traps to look out for, ways to spice things up, and encourages you to remain independent as well as romantic.

Each symbol on the tarot card has a specific meaning when it comes to love. You can also look the card over yourself and decide what it means to you and your particular romantic situation then merge your ideas with those provided through the reading.

If you feel on the verge of making a big decision, be sure to meditate on your reading before acting impulsively which could worsen a situation rather than bring it to clarity. On the other hand, at times an impulsive action from the heart is what is called for.

Whatever it is you are looking for in love, I hope that you will find it and that the Love Tarot reading illuminates a path forward for you, or gives you the patience you need to be at peace as the adventure pans out before you.

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Tips for the Love Tarot Reading

They say no one is an empty vessel; therefore, when you begin this reading, bring to mind your thoughts on yourself and love. What do you desire? What are you afraid of? What is most romantic? What questions are on your mind? You can focus on one person or question, if you like.

When the card is revealed, first explore the card’s image. What symbols stand out to you? Who is the character in the foreground and/or background, and do you think they represent someone in your life or an aspect of your own personality?

Next, consider the landscape. What does the landscape remind you of? Is it a symbol for your psychological state or where you want to reside in the future? For example, The Empress relaxes in a forest clearing in a golden light - do you want to bring more tenderness into your life?

You may have a particular question on your mind such as, “Where should we go on our first date?”; "How does he really feel about me?"; "Does he miss me?"; "What does he think of me?"; "Will he contact me again?"; “How can I spice up my love life?”; or “Is So-and-So worthy of my affections?”.

If you then draw The World card, you might answer these questions respectively:

Question - “Where should we go on our first date?”

Answer - Go somewhere high up like the restaurant on the top floor of a hotel or a mountaintop picnic. Or, go somewhere out of town like Paris or a nearby city that feels foreign. Alternatively, you could arrange your kitchen so that it feel new and cook foods from a place you want to travel to together.

Question - “How can I spice up my love life?”

Answer - Try speaking to one another in a different language. Play with foods from another country like red, syrupy grenadine or Japanese suppon which is a soft shell turtle said to improve virility.

Question - “Is So-and-So worthy of my affections?”

Answer - You may need to spend some time alone in order to know the answer. This does necessarily imply a separation, but implores you to travel or meditate in new lands that inspire you. Do not dwell on your question, but life your life expansively, and your answer will come in time.

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