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About me

Who am I?

Charmaine Frapp is my given name, but you can call me Chimmi, Chazzi, or Mai-mai. I was named after my great, great grandmother who was a sage in the old world. In the one photo I have of Charmaine Senior, she is wearing a turban, and standing prophetically before a table where a number of prophetic items are arranged including a flute, a large jewel, a peacock feather, and a summer squash.

My personal journey into realms both mystical and occult began in my twenties, but really, I was born into it. My parents were hippies before their time. Growing up, sometimes my mother would decide what dish to make for dinner based off a tarot card. Additionally, when I would come home late or if my brother skipped his chores, she would make us draw a tarot card and that way devise our punishment. My father actually studied tarot, and I used to sit on the rug with him playing solitaire using his beautiful Marseilles deck.

In my twenties, I studied printing in college, and I became very interested in the printing of old tarot cards, which was usually done in just a few bold colors: blue, yellow, red, and black. I printed a few of my own original cards, then became more interested in interpreting cards than printing them. I had always been very focused on interpreting dreams, so interpreting tarot cards came easily to me. At college parties, I would lay out my sarong and do free readings for my friends. It brought us closer together.

Tarot is an ancient art and form of psychology, and I am drawn to, not only because it is magical but because of its practicality. Time and time again I have used the cards to gain perspective on my life when in a rut or at a fork in the road. In ancient Egypt, magic was science--they used it to govern agriculture and medicine, and it worked just fine. In the same way, for me, tarot is my medicine. It helps me heal, connect, and imagine the future.

When I am not working on Tell My Tarot or Horoscope.Net, I do freelance writing out of cafes. I love people watching, especially with a cafe au lait and croissant before me. And, about the world, I think it is full of beauty, and it becomes more beautiful when a person takes the time to quiet down and look deeply into themselves, whether that be on a starry night, a city street, or some quiet room where, beside a lit candle, a computer screen flashes a unique tarot reading. May your journey be thorough and long-lasting.

Yours Truly,

Charmaine Frapp