The Meaning of the Nine of Wands

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The Meaning of the Nine of Wands

At a Glance

The Minor Arcana Tarot Card the Nine of Wands has a meaning that is related to bravery. With this card, you may be in store for an important battle, which could have you defending something or standing up to someone.

If You Drew This Card…

During your card reading, there may be several cards in front of you. It’s important to consider the different interpretations depending on the combination you get and the position of each card.

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  • This card may mean you need to be careful and be on the lookout for enemies. Are you going to be put in a situation where you have to fight for what you believe in?
  • You may also need to get ready for a big, important battle in your life. Do you have the strength or the steadfastness to come out on top in this fight?
  • You could also be in the middle of a huge undertaking in your life that requires a great amount of inner strength. Are you prepared to stay the course and get back up if you get knocked down by defeat at first?


  • In the reverse position, this card could suggest stubbornness on your part. Are you holding on to your anger about a past conflict instead of letting it go?
  • Sometimes, this card in the reverse layout may mean you need to learn to accept something you’re not comfortable with. Are you ready to admit defeat and move on to find a solution of harmony?
  • Maybe the fight is long over, but you’re still defensive and unwilling to compromise. What are some strategies you need to adopt in order to feel more at ease and comfortable in this tough situation?

Interpreting the Symbols

  • The Man : The figure pictured on the card looks exhausted from battle yet still remains standing and stoic.
  • The Nine Wands : The wands are a symbol for your creative energy and brilliant ideas or proudest projects.
  • The Supper Stick : The wand that the man is leaning against shows that it’s a struggle to stand alone in this situation.
  • The Bandage : The man has a bandage wrapped around his head symbolizing a tough battle beforehand and wounds that run deep.
  • Yellow Boots : Clinging to the material world; fear that losing oneself in the spiritual real will leave on undefended.

Charmaine’s Take

When you get the Nine of Wands in your reading, you may need to accept the fact that you’re in for a tough struggle. You may have been part of plenty of long fights, like the bandaged figure on the card suggests, but it may not necessarily be time to rest and relax just yet. What’s at stake may be something that is near and dear to your heart, like an innovative business idea or a project you’re heading, which relates to the creativity symbols of the wands.

What you need to do is stay strong and focused during this tough time, so you come out on top. You may encounter adversaries more often, so be on the defense to get what you want. Figure out what your support system can do for you during this time period.

Once your fight is over, then it’s time to make a plan for your next step. Avoid dwelling on the situation if you aren’t happy about the outcome, and make amends with those who opposed you once it’s all over.

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