The Meaning of the King of Wands

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The Meaning of the King of Wands

At a Glance

The King of Wands is a Minor Arcana tarot card that symbolizes power and courage. It often indicates the presentation of a new opportunity or challenge.

If You Drew This Card…

Tarot cards offer a range of meanings to draw insight from. Both negative and positive aspects of each card can resonate with various aspects of your life.

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  • The king is staring off into the distance, as if at a far off object. Do you currently have an ambitious goal you are working toward or that other people are looking to you to lead?
  • Has a new opportunity presented itself to you, and are you considering taking on the challenge?
  • Are there people in your life right now whom you might be taking for granted in the pursuit of your own dreams or goals?


  • A king carries many burdens in his role as a leader. Are you struggling at the moment to achieve the high expectations you have set for yourself?
  • Is there someone in your life who may be manipulating you to serve his or her own purposes?
  • Do you feel as though your dreams and goals are just out of reach because someone could be holding you back?

Interpreting the Symbols

  • The King : A symbol of power and prestige.
  • Blossoming Wand : This represents creativity and life.
  • Lion : Symbolizing fire, strength and courage.
  • Salamander : This is also a symbol of fire and strength. The ouroboros, the salamander eating its own tail, represents infinity and pressing forward against any obstacle or recreating oneself.
  • Bright Orange Robe : A symbol of fire.
  • Crown : Symbolic of power and prestige, the crown in this card also looks like flames, representing fire.

Charmaine’s Take

The King of Wands is about power, creation, inspiration and accomplishment. He represents natural leaders who have a gift for inspiring others and achieving goals. Because of his position of power, the King can indicate opportunity or challenges to overcome.

It is important to remember that the King is a position of power, but that doesn’t mean he is necessarily alone. Drawing the King of Wands is not always representative of you personally, but he could also be an indicator of what’s going on in the lives of the people around you. The King may at times use whatever means necessary to realize his dreams and ambitions, although he may not realize he is taking for granted the people around him.

The King appears to always be alert as to threats, challenges and opportunities to both protect and build his kingdom. His ability to lead is an inspiration to others, and he often finds a way to achieve his goals no matter the obstacles before him. Like any true king, it is a good idea to be mindful of your associations, as there are bound to be those close to you whom you can trust and those with more malicious intentions. It is beneficial to grow those relationships which stand to build you up and be wary of those that would seek to only use you and your position of leadership. Take care to recognize the people in your life who help to sustain you as a leader and provide the means for you to achieve your dreams.

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