The Meaning of the Four of Wands

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The Meaning of the Four of Wands

At a Glance

The cheerful scene depicted on the Four of Wands shows two figures in the distance holding up bouquets of flowers. In the foreground we can see four Wands draped with rich floral garlands; a castle or manor can be seen in the distance.

If You Drew This Card…

It is easy to see how this card suggests celebration, merriment, and repose in a comfortable environment. You can reflect on these meanings with these questions:

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  • What is being celebrated?
  • Has something special taken place, is something about to occur, or is this an impromptu get-together?
  • This appears to be a social scene; how do you share joyful moments with other people in your life?


  • Is this celebration appropriately motivated? Is someone’s pain being mocked or not taken seriously?
  • Who has been invited to the important celebrations in your life? Has someone been left out?
  • Have you ever failed to celebrate someone’s success in a generous manner? How do you feel about that incident?

Interpreting the Symbols

There are several interesting symbols in this card, some of which have not been seen before in our exploration of the tarot deck.

  • Four : The number four is associated with stability, order, regularity, and predictability. This number is also closely associated with the material world and its four primary elements (fire, earth, water, and air).
  • Yellow sky : This color suggests newness and light; it might lead us to think that this celebration is taking place at dawn or sunset.
  • Two figures : Friendship, relationship, convivial company, perhaps a new acquaintance of love interest; an ally and support; trust and hospitality..
  • Flower bouquets : Beauty for beauty’s sake, pleasure for pleasure’s sake; abundant good things, material well-being and good fortune.
  • Flower garlands : Celebration, renewal; change of seasons.
  • Castle : Security, success, material prosperity, wealth, personal legacy; social success and improved status is also implied.

Charmaine’s Take

Traditionally speaking, this is a card whose meaning is not necessarily changed much when reversed. However, if you are in the habit reading reversals then you may wish to spend some time considering the different ways that joy is expressed and experienced. Sometimes we take pleasure in another person’s disadvantage or we celebrate before the time is right.

This card suggests poorly timed celebration on another level. It could be that you are distracting yourself from necessary tasks and responsibilities with a motto such as, “Enjoy the moment!” giving you permission. When the Four of Wands appears reversed, you can read it as a reality check and as an indication that a situation that appears happy on the outside might be quite sour within.

Taking a rest, enjoying yourself, and spending time with the people who wish you well are all important parts of life; these interludes let you mentally digest past experiences and prepare yourself for the next challenges. However, the season for celebrating and relaxing will eventually end. When it does, you can let it pass away gracefully. Trying to keep the party going long after everyone has gotten tired and left is not a worthwhile use of your energy or talents.

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