The Meaning of the Queen of Pentacles

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The Meaning of the Queen of Pentacles

At a Glance

The Queen of Pentacles is a Minor Arcane tarot card that stands for generosity and security. It often represents feelings of warmth or a person or atmosphere that is full of trust and security.

If You Drew This Card…

There are many different interpretations of tarot, typically depending on where in the reading the cards are drawn and whether they are upright or reversed. Here are some ways in which this card could be interpreted during a reading.

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  • The queen is the epitome of the blending of nurturance and success in business. What do you need to help you find work/life balance?
  • It is beneficial to have success and security in your own life, but you also need to be generous with your gifts. In what ways could you help to share your wealth and prosperity with others in need?
  • When faced with a problem, do you search for a complicated solution? The queen asks you to focus on finding realistic and simple solutions to problems and dealing with them as they develop.


  • Are you so consumed with work that you leave little time for your family, friends and yourself? Find ways to rebalance your life, especially through interacting with nature.
  • When the queen is reversed, this might signify that you also have an imbalance in your social life. Have you become too isolated, spending too much time alone?
  • People love your nurturing nature, but is it becoming too smothering to those you love? Find ways to help others find their independence to take care of themselves.

Interpreting the Symbols

  • The Queen : The queen can represent an actual person in your life, especially one who is the archetype of feminine energy.
  • Pentacle : Items on the material plane, such as money or objects. It is held lovingly in the Queen's hand, representing the balance of work and life. It is also heavy denoting a superficial focus on material gains.
  • Tree branches : The blossoming tree branches surrounding the Queen represent creative abundance as well as the place for calm decision-making.
  • Throne : Features symbols of sensual pleasure and material success. It also typically has an image of an angel, which further symbolizes the spiritual and nurturing nature of the queen.
  • Animals : Many animals surround the queen that represent fertility, such as rabbits. The goat denotes the ability to move swiftly from high to low and is a reminder to not overstate one's needs.

Charmaine’s Take

The Queen of Pentacles is about finding ways to achieve professional success and material wealth but still facilitate an environment of security and love. It might represent ways to achieve this or point out that you suffer from an imbalance.

The Queen symbolizes Mother Nature and the epitome of nurturing. Although she often represents someone in your life, she might also be pointing at an area in your life where you find warmth and security. If you feel imbalanced, you might need to look for ways to create a safe environment that balances your material success.

The Queen is about making calm decisions based on logic and intellect rather than emotion. It is about finding a practical approach to life and solutions to problems. If you are searching for answers to a problem, it might be that you should choose the easy answer right in front of you, rather than continuing to search for a complicated solution.

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