The Meaning of the Page of Pentacles

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The Meaning of the Page of Pentacles

At a Glance

The Page of Pentacles shows a youth considering a beautiful golden pentacle hovering in the air just above their hands. They reach out to hold it gently, ignoring the beautiful environment surrounding them.

If You Drew This Card…

Starting a new endeavor is very exciting! This card speaks directly to the new energy that rises up when we embark on a new course of study, new career, or even a new relationship. We can consider our reactions to newness with questions like these:

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  • When was the last time that you lost yourself in a project or in the pursuit of a goal?
  • Do you prefer pursing goals under your own power, or do you enjoy collaborative problem solving?
  • You are in a unique place right now. What is most valuable to you, and how can you use it as a ballast connecting you to your essential nature in times of change?


  • What do you expect to experience upon reaching a specific goal? Have there ever been times that you felt disappointed at the outcome?
  • Have you ever felt that your pursuit of a particular goal ended up frustrated or derailed entirely? How did you cope with this?
  • At what point do you decide to abandon a course of action? Do you give up at the first sign of difficulty or do you persist long past the point of wisdom?

Interpreting the Symbols

  • Youth : This young person represents vigor, ambition, and passionate energy. Young men and women in tarot typically symbolize the enthusiasm of youth as well as naiveté, foolhardiness, and recklessness.
  • Clothing : The rich, elegant clothing worn by the youth shows that considerable success has already been enjoyed. Confidence, perhaps even overconfidence, is also symbolized.
  • The Landscape : This beautiful natural environment is perfect for relaxing in and exploring; it provides much territory for discovery. The calmness of the day indicates that this is a good time to begin a new project.
  • Page : The first member of the Court quartet, Pages symbolize untried skill, a desire for achievement, and potentially chaotic attempts at reaching intended goals.
  • Yellow : Longing for material success; losing the self in pursuit of the material; differentiating the superficial from essential nature.
  • Mountains : Distant obstacles and successes that are more spiritual in nature yet borne of a material nature.
  • Land : A building sense of what to make of life and where to focus life-efforts.
  • Clothes : The green clothes represent a fresh, natural exploration of the material world but also an over-fixation on it.

Charmaine’s Take

This is a lovely card full of positive meanings; interestingly, these positive meanings can also spell disaster for the unwary. The Page of Pentacles symbolizes someone who is ready to take their first step into the wider world; they are full of energy and passion, ready to take on the world’s problems and discover solutions that no one else has considered. However, all their past successes may have left them unprepared for the inevitable experience of failure and disappointment.

Many young adults experience crushing disappointment when skills and talents that had been celebrated at home are not applauded by new friends, coworkers, peers, or teachers. This uncomfortable experience must be handled with considerable grace and maturity. People can learn to reevaluate their abilities and see their shortcomings without becoming neurotic in the process, but this can take time.

When this card appears, it can be a very positive indication of a fruitful course of action. Readers must be cautious of interpreting this as a sure sign of success, however; the positive outcomes suggested here might just be the growth that comes from painful learning experiences.

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