The Meaning of Two of Cups

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The Meaning of Two of Cups

At a Glance

The Two of Cups depicts harmony and balance. It is a harbinger of peace and emotional stability, as well as important relationship decisions.

If You Drew This Card…

The Two of Cups is largely a positive card, especially for relationships. It can play a significant role in the emotional decisions you make.

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  • Are you thinking of taking a major step in your relationship? You need to consider your needs and circumstances before making a commitment.
  • Has your life been lacking in romance? It may be time to infuse some into your life and regain emotional balance.
  • Is there someone you would like to know better, but you’re feeling hesitant? Being more proactive here can help you build new, harmonious relationships. What small step can you take?


  • Do you feel like there is something wrong in your relationship? There may be an underlying lack of balance that can be destructive if not stopped.
  • Are you feeling unhappy at work? A job that started out great may be turning bad due to unhealthy workplace dynamics.
  • Is it time to break up? This card can draw your attention to inequalities and disharmony that make your relationship dysfunctional.

Interpreting the Symbols

  • The Couple : A man and a woman face one another, each holding a cup at equal height, symbolizing harmony and equality.
  • The Cups : The large golden cups in the couple’s hands depict blessings and prosperity
  • The Caduceus : The winged lion above the couple’s heads is a symbol of blessing. The intertwined snakes forming its base represent duality and unite the couple.
  • The House : In the distance, a house is shown surrounded by rolling hills and trees, suggestive of peace and stability.
  • Staff : On this staff two snakes coil representing the interplay of mental and physical ambition.
  • Shoes : Life and radiance emanate from that which touches the ground. Move robustly and with passion. 

Charmaine’s Take

The interpretation of the Two of Cups card centers on love, emotions and relationships. Drawing this card can confirm the positive things we feel about our relationships, or herald a promising new relationship. The central image on the card, which consists of the couple looking a tone another, shows love at its strongest, when the couple is absorbed in one another and material concerns as symbolized by the house are in order but far from their minds.

The imagery of this card also emphasizes the connection and equality that are essential to a happy relationship. With the couple joined by the caduceus and each holding their cup at an equal level, this couple is experiencing true balance. This image also suggests that having your own cup – your own source of contentment – is important to a harmonious relationship. If you are not in this kind of relationship right now, drawing this card can be a sign that you are ready for one. On a practical level, it can also be an invitation to take the first step to actively bring harmony into your life. You may need to acquire a better work-life balance, get a new hobby or reach out for new friendships.

A reversal of this card turns up the dark side of the perfect relationship. Sometimes we idealize our romance too much and fail to notice the things that are not working. Codependence is another risk of a relationship that grows too enmeshed, creating a lack of balance. In other spheres, a lack of equality may be seriously affecting your emotional well-being.

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