The Meaning of the Three of Cups

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The Meaning of Three of Cups

At a Glance

The Three of Cups represents happiness, connection and fruitfulness. It signals a time of emotional growth and celebration.

If You Drew This Card…

Like all Tarot cards, the Three of Cups conveys a message with a range of interpretations. See which of these meanings ring most true for your own circumstances.

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  • The three women on this card are dancing in a circle and having a good time. Which three women play a positive role in your life and make you feel confident?
  • The Three of Cups is a harbinger of emotional development. If you are in a relationship, how can you take it to a new level?
  • Are you concerned about your career? This card signals successful teamwork and celebration. What is your role in the group you are part of?


  • Togetherness can have its negative aspects. How can you abstain from gossip and low-level conversation? What can you talk about genuinely that does not cause harm to others?
  • Reversed, the Three of Cups can speak of disruptions to your relationship. What undermining influence have you been up against recently, and how can you defend yourself without stirring up more trouble?
  • Are you worried about cooperation within your team? How can you postpone projects giving everyone time to get into a better headspace?

Interpreting the Symbols

  • The Women : Three women are dancing in a circle and holding hands, symbolizing connection and celebration.
  • The Harvest : Fruits and pumpkins are spread out around the women and flowers are twined in their hair as a symbol of plenty
  • The Cups : As elsewhere, these are signs of prosperity. The women hold them above their heads as they dance, depicting a celebration of success. They also represent rising above tragedy or disappointment but could also mean being prideful.
  • Dancing : This motion represents being swept up in life. Be careful not to lose yourself.
  • Sky : The clear, blue sky means divine sanity, lucidity, and spiritual connectedness as well as gullibility and ignorance.

Charmaine’s Take

The Three of Cups shows an exuberant, extravagant celebration. It’s time to party! The women on this card indicate particularly female-centered celebrations. This card also shows an abundance of harvest produce that represents a variety of fruitfulness. Whatever endeavor you are embarking on, this card indicates it will prosper.

In addition to the literal growth of produce, this card indicates a period of emotional growth. You will find it easier to form new connections. This is the time to go out and make new friends and work contacts. Whether you are dating or looking for a new job, this card tells you that you will find it easy to talk to people and connect to them. If you are in a relationship, this time may find you getting engaged or married. The party motif on this card can signal many types of celebrations, including weddings. As is the case with the women on this card, your cup will be full for now. .

Parties and celebrations can have their downsides too, as anyone knows who has witnessed drunken relatives getting into a fight at a wedding. Be on your guard for the negative consequences of excessive partying. This can be a simple hangover or a destructive force that can destroy your relationships if you are not careful. The things that bring us together can also tear us apart. Celebrating together can bring us closer or introduce competitiveness, gossiping and backstabbing. On a less dramatic level, the Three of Cups reversed can merely symbolize the flatness you feel after a big celebration or success. Don’t get so carried away with your success that you forget to consider potential negative consequences.

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