The Meaning of the Ten of Cups

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The Meaning of the Ten of Cups

At a Glance

In the Minor Arcana Tarot cards, the Ten of Cups is one of the most joyful cards in the deck. Getting this card in your reading could mean you finally get your happily ever after.

If You Drew This Card…

The symbolism found in the cards can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Here are some potential outcomes you may be able to take with you when you examine this card.

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  • The appearance of this card may mean you could finally get everything you’ve always wanted. Are you ready to stop your fast-paced routine for a moment and appreciate the reward?
  • Are you finally going to achieve the romantic relationship goals you set for yourself long ago? Are you and your partner going to embark on a successful long-term romantic relationship, or are you ready to really meet and open up to your soul-mate?
  • This card could also be a way to communicate a message about your family. Does this card’s appearance mean your family is on the road to finally achieving peace and acceptance of each other?


  • If this card appears in the reverse position, there could be something getting in the way of your happy ending. What do you need to do to overcome this difficulty so you can get closer to happiness?
  • Some people forget about the importance of spending time with their family. How can you show your family members that they are the most important thing to you?
  • With an upside down Ten of Cups, your long-term friendship or relationship may soon be challenged. Will you and your friend/partner be able to weather the storm and come out of the situation still together? Or, is it better to just let go at least for the time being?

Interpreting the Symbols

The Six of Wands has many symbols to reflect on; these are the primary ones:

  • The Couple and Children : Embodying all stages of life within a single, emotional being. Togetherness; male and female qualities working together in harmony.
  • The Cups : Creativity, emotional resilience and expression, spiritual and emotional flow without obstacle.
  • The Number Ten : The significance of the number ten on this card may point to achieving balance in your life.
  • Rainbow : Creative and seamless flow of communal energy. Vital ancestral influences and spirit.
  • House : A holistic sense of self that has not been fully unearthed but is available.
  • River : Resources needed to replenish emotionally fullfilling partnerships are available. A pervading sense of purity and rewarding connection without losing a sense of self.

Charmaine’s Take

No other card in the deck of Minor Arcana Tarot cards suggests an ultimate state of happiness as much as the Ten of Cups. Seeing this card in your reading may mean that something incredible and fulfilling could happen in your future. For many people, the goal of family, love and support is shown in the picture of the four figures looking towards a happy future.This could be a hint that your goals and dreams could finally be achieved some day.

Many individuals see this card as applying to their love life or family situations. The man and the woman standing together could mean your current relationship is the one that will last forever.The children dancing in the distance could signify that your family relationships will be stronger and more meaningful in the upcoming months or years.

Sometimes, this card reminds people about what is supposed to be important in life. Working hard and spending too much time away from your family could potentially put your goal of a happy ending in jeopardy. Your solid family structure could be lost forever if something gets in the way. Hopefully, you realize what you need to do to fix the situation. Then, you could enjoy your future life with the people you love the most.

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