The Meaning of The Sun [Card 19]

The Meaning of The Sun Tarot

At a Glance

The Sun Card #19 represents leaving paradise to face the real world, courageousness, and readiness to mature. 

If You Drew This Card…

Tarot cards offer a range of meanings to draw insight from. Both negative and positive aspects of each card can resonate with various aspects of your life.

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  • Who or what watches over you and gives you strength? How can you get in touch with these sources of power from within yourself?
  • Is there something in life you turn a blind-eye to, that you ignore or are in denial of? What are you scared of? Trust that you are strong enough to confront whatever it is and that confronting it will help you grow stronger and wiser.
  • Know that once you leave the familiar in order to seek truth, you will never return to who you were before in the same way. This is a good thing because you are expansive. What is the first step you will take on your journey?


  • Do you ever feel or do people call you ignorant or naive? Do not pretend that the whole world is the safe, familiar garden from whence you came.
  • Do people take advantage of your “newness”? Open your eyes to even the unsightly and protect yourself when necessary.
  • Have you felt stagnant lately? Are you regressing into old habits? Be open and accepting but also brave, powerful, and courageous; do not settle for outdate modes.

Interpreting the Symbols

  • Sun : Seeing in the light of day what before was unconscious or denied.
  • Feather : Mortality and vitality; flamboyant pursuance of truth.
  • Horse : The grace with which you approach all walks of life; nonjudgement and acceptance.
  • Wall : You must leave paradise to truly come alive, but once you have left, you will be irrevocably changed.
  • Child : Curiousity and willingness to partake in the adult world.
  • Flowers : Temptation but also possibility; seeing in the outside world the possibilities for oneself and feeling encouraged.

Charmaine’s Take

A crowned and naked child sits on a white horse with arms outstretched. The white horse’s nose is turned down in a show of humility and loyalty. Behind them a red flag unfurls, and behind that, sunflowers peek and stretch over a wall. At the very top, the sun looks straight out of the card with rays reaching to the edge, encompassing all. A feather shoots through the child’s crown, mimicking the red flag. Red is the color of radiance and strength. It is the color of blood, lifeblood; this is not blood shed by war or through pain. It is blood that is in use, pumping to the heart and fortifying the body.

All the images and colors in The Sun card are encouraging and alive except for the wall. What is the gray wall doing there, separating the child and horse from the garden of sunflowers and even from the sun? Why is the child’s back to the sun, and what does the sun mean by its unreadable expression - not happy or sad, but calmly watchful like a mother? The sunflowers peeking over the wall also face the child as if to see him go. Where is the child going? What is he leaving behind? What will be his fate?

In tales about the Buddha, Siddhartha, he is said to have left the beautiful palace where he was brought up in order to face the real world, with all its kinks and peculiarities. In this card we can see the same scenario taking place. The child, in order to grow up, must leave the garden where he was born and venture out into the unfamiliar world. Sometimes the world will be gray and unloving like the gray wall separating him from the garden. However, whatever the child comes up against, he will have within him the strength, radiance, love, and courage imbued in his veins by the sun and sunflowers. Now that the garden is within the child, as represented by the red flag and flower crown, he can soar without it, bringing it with him wherever he goes.

Because the child’s arms are outstretched, he is open to seeing the world, even the darker aspects of it. This new sight will allow him to grow and mature; it will also test his strength.

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