The Meaning of The Star [Card 17]

The Meaning of The Star Tarot

At a Glance

The Star Card #17 represents calmness and focus, good luck, openness, balance, and tending to intimate, emotional matters.

If You Drew This Card…

Tarot cards offer a range of meanings to draw insight from. Both negative and positive aspects of each card can resonate with various aspects of your life.

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  • Do you feel grounded and balanced yet preoccupied with the idea that “it’s too good to be true”? Enjoy this time of creativity and calm - you deserve it.
  • Do you want to let go, to release and trust someone or relax into your circumstances, but you are holding back because you are worried about rejection or failure? There is no need to worry right now.
  • If you drew The Star card, it means you are protected. Are you worried about being vulnerable in front of someone new? The circumstances are just right, and you can be relaxed and open without worrying about the consequences.


  • Do you look up at the sky or the world and find it overwhelming? Do you find your life messy and chaotic, hard to get a handle on?
  • How can you simplify your life so that you have less on your plate, then, work toward balance between the different aspects of your life?
  • Have been giving too much attention to (pouring too much water on) something that is not nourishing and wholesome? When you find the right balance, the stars will come out for you and help guide the way.

Interpreting the Symbols

  • Jugs : Becoming a vessel that can contain the vicissitudes of human emotions.
  • Streams : Interconnectedness, personality, and the many which come together within the whole.
  • Nakedness : Liveliness; strength and courage without shame.
  • Stars : Action derived from the soul and spirit; purity of action and clearness of purpose.
  • Tree : Medium through which the higher and lower realms communicate; the bird heaven’s messenger.

Charmaine’s Take

A naked woman with star colored hair pours out two jugs of pure water into a sky-blue pool. Behind her, a jubilant bird is perched high on a tree with its wings outstretched, ready to fly. A bright yellow star puffs confidently above her head and seven smaller stars surround it. In the distance is a mountain and in front of it is a verdant landscape dotted with small, red flowers. The woman has one foot in the pool of water and one on the swampy land. She is calm and focused.

To be “born under a star” means to have good luck. To be a star means to be famous and, hopefully, also talented. The star is the sun, or it is a bright star: one that guides ships at sea, helps plants grow, and warms all humans equally and without judgement. The sun does not ask anyone to prove anything; it is just there without fail from dawn until dusk. It is strong, trustworthy, radiant, and powerful. Because of this, the woman pictured on the card can be naked; she has nothing to hide and needs not be defensive. She is totally protected in this scene.

The woman pouring the jugs of water onto land and back into water is making two elements, earth and water, more similar to one another. She is nourishing the land and helping the small, red flowers grow. At the same time, she is stirring the water, keeping it fresh and healthy rather than stagnant and rancid. A key component here is balance: the woman is balanced on earth and water, the bird is balanced on the tree, ready to lift off, and there are eight stars balanced on the sky. Everything is in order.

Some say that this is also a card representing youth or eternal youthfulness. However, the woman does not have the carefree demeanor generally associated with this state of life. Rather what it depicts is how looking down, tending to what is below, connects you to what is above: to the bird in flight and the stars in the sky.

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