The Meaning of The Magician [Card 1]

The Meaning of The Magician Tarot

At a Glance

The Magician Card #1 represents manifesting realities, confidence, focus, and shaping your environment.

If You Drew This Card…

Tarot cards offer a range of meanings to draw insight from. Both negative and positive aspects of each card can resonate with various aspects of your life.

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  • What are you strengths, and how can you use them to make your life feel full and worthy?
  • Everything you need is before you; what is stopping you from taking action?
  • When is the last time you felt “magical” or spiritually connected to the unknown, or have you ever felt that way? What could you do now to (re)connect to a magical way of being?
  • Exercise: Invent your own magic spell involving the four elements. Be sure to begin by conjuring your inner-strength. What spell will you cast and why?


  • Do you use your magic abilities, such as your charm or material wealth, to manipulate others?
  • Are you careless with any of the elements on the magician’s table: earth, air, water, or fire? If so, consider relinquishing your power for a bit.
  • Do you feel intimidated by an up-and-coming person at your job or in your field? How might you instead become their mentor, helping them to cultivate inner-strength in a selfless and generous manner, and by listening to them earnestly?

Interpreting the Symbols

  • Magic Wand : The ability to alter what seems unalterable; magic.
  • Red Robe : Radiance and passion or vampirism, the desire to steal another’s life-force.
  • White Tunic : Minimalism, purity and simplicity or ignorance and innocence.
  • Tools : Resourcefulness and creativity; using all parts of the brain to solve a problem.
  • Flowers : Roses mean royalty and sharpness of mind. Lilies represent purity and sanctity.
  • Infinity Sign : A cyclical balance of cosmic powers hovers over you and gives you power.

Charmaine’s Take

The Magician stands before a table of magical accoutrements in a sun-infused room surrounded by blooming foliage. Around his middle he wears an ouroboros belt: a snake swallowing its own tail. With his right hand he extends a two-pointed wand to the sky, and he points his left hand down to earth. His face is serious and focused, and over his head an infinity symbol hovers. In interpreting this card, consider the Magician’s demeanor, his environment, and the materials gathered before him. Nowadays, some consider magic a cheap form of entertainment, but for most of history, magic was considered just as powerful as science. The Magician is not a trickster; he is a chemist and someone who can manifest realities.

Laid out before The Magician are four tools, the four essential tarot symbols or suits: a sword, wand, cup, and coin. These four tools also represent the four essential elements; swords are air, wands are fire, cups are water, and coins are earth. The tools are not yet part of a trick, but it looks as though the Magician is about to cast a spell on them, activating them. To make any spell work, the Magician must be confident and focused. Many ancient spells begin with the magician conjuring inner-strength: we can see this happening through the character’s authoritative posture.

When we draw the Magician card, we are asked to reassess our capability. In life there are obstacles and learned behaviors that stunt our abilities. We are magical beings exuding a universal radiance, and we can use this to shape the world rather than become its victims. There are many forces encouraging us to relinquish our power, to give up on it, but The Magician is an essential part of everyone. Even if your magic capabilities have laid dormant in you, it is never too late to reinvigorate them and incorporate some of The Magician’s wisdom.

Additionally, The Magician fuses the power of life and death, of earth and sky, to realize his divine nature. The roses and lilies blooming around him are proof that dipping into the unknown, drawing from universal mysteries, can produce beauty and nourish the environment.

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