The Meaning of The High Priestess [Card 2]

The Meaning of the High Priestess Tarot

At a Glance

The High Priestess Card #2 represents fertility, protectiveness, honesty and intuition.

If You Drew This Card…

Tarot cards offer a range of meanings to draw insight from. Both negative and positive aspects of each card can resonate with various aspects of your life.

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  • Are you ashamed of something or are you trying to hide something about yourself from someone close to you? Consider that being honest could lighten your load and allow you to access a place of deep physical and spiritual fulfillment.
  • Is there someone in your life who is a negative force, who may be manipulative with his or her language and toxic? Do they leave you feeling drained and confused? If so, instead of focusing on their words, try becoming grounded in your physical body. Let your gut lead you, and do not feel pressured to explain yourself.
  • Do you ever feel like your house is in a shambles, literally or metaphorically? Does your physical body feel drained and your sexual energy sapped? Know that you have a boundless and focused power within which can conquer your fears; when you share this side of you, others find it enchanting.


  • Has anything happened in your life that causes you to put up walls? Are you mistrusting of others? Are you so protective of your feminine, sexual, and/or creative energy that others find it difficult to get close to you?
  • Do you “over-analyze” or over-explain to the point where you feel detached from the emotional aspect of your experiences?
  • Try paying attention to your feelings of fear and vulnerability; these feelings are not necessarily negative. They can teach you about yourself and the world and help you to become the brave person you want to be.

Interpreting the Symbols

  • Columns : Yin and Yang, Boas and Jakim or Beelzebub and Yahweh – the temple is guarded.
  • Hanging Fabric : Life is but a dream or life is short, yet it is fertile and creative. Life is buoyed by what comes before and after.
  • Foliage : Both the palm and pomegranate bear fruit within a shell or skin meaning the sensuality and sweetness within us.
  • Crown : Connection to moon phases including girlhood, womanhood, and old age.
  • Crescent : A twilight spirituality of feminine tenderness and discernment; potent spirituality.
  • Scroll : You are holding the blueprint of all life which has already happened and is yet to unfold.
  • Cross : Devotion to what cannot be seen; study of the metaphysical aspects of life.
  • Blue Robe : Water means the unconscious, ancient wisdom, the unceasing flow of life on earth. Lucidity.

Charmaine’s Take

The most striking feature of The High Priestess card is the Priestess’s face. She is looking directly out of the card at the viewer. Her lips are downturned, and her eyes are wide. She does not look happy or sad, but serious: perhaps she is about to say something we do not want to hear or level us to a reality we have been avoiding. At the bottom of her robe, which flows down her in a waterfall, is a crescent moon on its back. It is as though the tides, which the moon controls, have taken over the moon instead--powers reversed.

The High Priestess wears an intimidating, horned hat with a globe or crystal ball in the middle, and in her lap she holds the sacred Torah, the traditional religious text of the Jewish people. In the background is a pattern of pomegranates and palm trees, both symbols of feminine power and of life. Finally, she sits between the two famous pillars from the Temple of Solomon, indicating that she is the guardian of some fertile, sacred place.

To interpret this card, consider the interplay of forces. There are feminine forces: the water, pomegranates, and palms, which The High Priestess protects, looking fierce. Additionally, the moon is destabilized; it was torn or seduced down from the sky. To access the fruitful world beyond the pillars, we must face The High Priestess. We must stand before her, ready to be judged for all that we are, hiding nothing. The High Priestess does not dole out affirmations; she is economical in her language, often finding it unnecessary to speak. She listens and knows on an intuitive level; her wisdom comes from within.

If you draw The High Priestess card, know there is a land of plenty just in your reach. To get there, throw down your defenses, and wear your heart on your sleeve. Additionally, find strength from within, trusting your intuition.

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