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La Tempérance (14)

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de La Tempérance dans la tarot de Marseille

Standing up in his chariot, the long-haired prince proceeds through the village, pulled by light and dark horses. He holds a staff and wears a skirt decorated with ancient hieroglyphs. On his head is a gold crown with an 8-pointed star: the sun. Teal fabric hung from the chariot frame is patterned with more stars. Teal wings decorate the chariot’s front. The prince is young but also stern looking; he is ready for adventure but is also new to it. On his shoulders are two moons facing upward; he is guided into the unknown by the majestic nighttime, but his journey is sanctioned by the sun.

Another prominent feature on this card are the big yellow wheels which rise over the horse’s heads. Looking behind the chariot, we see that these wheels have pulled it through all manners of terrain: a town, a forest, and a river. Where does the chariot’s strength come from? It is the balance between night and day, dark and light, compelling the prince forward.

Often, at a certain age, it is time for the prince to leave behind what is familiar, to leave his home town, or kingdom, and to have new encounters which will make him wise. The chariot is an external symbol of the majesty within the prince, protecting and encouraging him as he comes to define himself in relation to new experiences. Although he is heavily decorated with the iconography of the cosmos, he is not yet in full control of these forces: sun and moon, light and dark. Rather, the cosmos protects him; it is his womb.

In Greek mythology, there is a story where the Sun-god’s son gets ahold of the sun chariot and then loses control, endangering himself and setting earth ablaze. The Chariot may appear self-driving, but the prince must remain vigilant if he wants to survive his journey.



Vous avez tiré la tempérance à l’endroit ?


From now on you are under a particularly positive influence, which can guide you in achieving your life goals. The Chariot refers to notions of success and achievement, which can be explained by the perfect control you have of your emotions and your desires. The Chariot testifies to your psychological stability and your ability to exercise control, which are two essential components for anyone who wishes to move serenely along the path of life.

You now have enough experience to clearly define what you need, while your trust allows you to develop effective strategies to achieve your goals. So this card clearly reveals the end of a period of uncertainty and facilitates action. On the emotional plane, this could be manifested by the fulfillment of your relationship. On the professional level, your assurance also affects those around you. It would not be surprising if someone suggests new responsibilities soon.

Ask yourself

•Are you ready to embark on a journey? What will you leave behind, and where are you headed?

•What vehicle will you ride into the unknown? What are the potential risks and hazards involved, and how will you remain in control--what safety measures or checks and balances have you arranged?

•What essential questions will you take with you on your journey? What riddles or wishes do you want to investigate on this trip? What parts of you do you want to grow and mature?




La symbolique de la Tempérance

• Sphinxes : A riddle or question guiding your journey through life at a certain time.

• Chariot : What protects you on your journey; mobility and armor in one.

• Stars : A youthful awe of time and space, of stars and planetary motion. The mystery of the cosmos guides you.

• Rod : The ability to manifest needs magically; resourcefulness.

• Young Man : The Self ready to take explore the unknown and reveal latent aspects in order to mature.

The Chariot Card #7 represents a period of youthful courage and an adventurous spirit guided by the unknown and protected by the cosmos.

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