The Meaning of Strength [Card 8]

The Meaning of Strength Tarot

At a Glance

Strength Card #8 represents feminine power, tenderness, and fearless play.

If You Drew This Card…

Tarot cards offer a range of meanings to draw insight from. Both negative and positive aspects of each card can resonate with various aspects of your life.

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  • Where do you feel safe? When is the last time you were in this place? How did being there allow you to share a more vulnerable side of yourself?
  • What might be holding you back from acting kindly or tenderly toward others? Have you put up a walls because of past experiences? If you open up, what are you scared of?
  • Is there a part of yourself that is quick to aggression and is guarded and protective? What can you do to relax or coax yourself into taking a break?


  • Are you overly forgiving and gentle to the point where sometimes you are taken advantage of by others?
  • Are you overly trusting in risky situations where you might be endangered?
  • How can you stand up for yourself or be more hesitant and protective of your emotional and physical space in order to take care of your own health?

Interpreting the Symbols

  • Lion : Courageous protection of spirit; willfulness and hunger to be seen and heard.
  • Woman : Taming the will or directing the will toward higher aims.
  • Flowers : The feminine connection to earth and spring bloom; regeneration.
  • Infinity Sign : Taming the will is a process that repeats itself throughout a lifetime.
  • Mountain : Focusing on inner-wholeness or not being concerned with missed opportunities.
  • Yellow : Youth, warmth, and the sweetness of honey or greed and being too controlling.

Charmaine’s Take

A woman with a flower crown and a flower-chain around her loose white robes bends benevolently over a playful, golden-colored lion. The lion looks lovingly into her downturned eyes as he lets her pet his nose and chin. His curly mane flows down from his face like her dress, and his tail is pulled down displaying docility. In the background is a distant mountain and a vast plain. Over the woman’s head an infinity symbol floats.

Traditionally, maned lions are interpreted as overbearing, wild animals with a threatening demeanor. They are also protective, loud, and masculine. Lions pace a jungle or are depicted as gargoyles to guard a house or castle. In this scene, the woman has charmed the lion; the lion is tame. She does not use circus tricks to make the lion obey. Rather, her power comes from her femininity and from her nurturing qualities. This shows that she has a different kind of strength than the lion and that the lion’s prowess and aggression are not always needed in every situation. Playfulness is also important.

Additionally, the woman and the lion have a sweet and intimate connection. The woman has the ability to coax someone who is aggressive into calming down and relaxing. The flowers around her waist and coming out of her head show that she is filled with kindness, tenderness, and sweetness. Her thoughts are innocuous and endearing. Her touch is gentle and pleasing. She has brought the lion somewhere they are safe and can express this playful part of their nature without fear; there are no threatening elements on the horizon. The infinity symbol floating over her head might represent that her sweetness derives from a bottomless well--there is no end to her tenderness, and it is not a limited commodity that she most dole out selfishly. Rather, she can be selfless because there is nothing holding her back.

While the lion is considered a symbol of strength because of its sheer physical power, here it is the restraint of such power that is called strength.

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