The Meaning of Justice [Card 11]

The Meaning of Justice Tarot

At a Glance

Justice Card #11 represents honesty, weighing your options, playing the long-game and considering the consequences of actions.

If You Drew This Card…

Tarot cards offer a range of meanings to draw insight from. Both negative and positive aspects of each card can resonate with various aspects of your life.

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  • Is there a situation in your life that feels unjust? What can you do, that is within your power and is also respectful of human life, to bring about a feeling of justice?
  • Does your mind surrounding a certain decision you must make feel cloudy and muddled? Find a new vantage point from which to consider it.
  • Take your time, meditating on an important decision. Look for root causes. Some people may never agree with your ruling; how does this make you feel?


  • Are you often naming yourself judge in situations where no one asked for your opinion?
  • Do you take advantage of your authoritative role to diminish those who intimidate you and seduce those that seek your approval?
  • What long-term strategy can you devise that considers others as accomplices rather than enemies?; this will garner you real respect.

Interpreting the Symbols

  • Scales : Comparing options and weighing potential consequences.
  • Sword : Precision of mind. Making swift decisions and judgements.
  • Robe : Understanding the bodily consequences of abstract decision-making.
  • Crown : Discernment of judgement as a path toward spirituality; the weight and power of one’s status.
  • Third Eye : Rising above or breaking through the status quo to come to a creative resolution.

Charmaine’s Take

Here the card Justice is represented by a crowned king in red robes holding a long sword in his right hand and in his left, a balanced scale. He is a young king with a single, centered jewel on his crown. The background is plain: a yellow sky, two stone pillars, and a draped curtain behind him. One foot pokes out from under his robe. He does not appear armored and, though he holds a sword, his posture is open and inviting. He does not clutch his two possessions desirously because he does not feel threatened: honesty and earnestness will prevail.

Justice is a virtue. It is metered out, and it is fair, but it is not always pleasant. While the king does not mean to be harsh, some might perceive his rulings that way. Some might pressure you to throw the scale out altogether, saying the answer should be clear right away and that weighing options is disrespectful. The king trusts his process and is not moved by pressure from parties who clearly have something personal at stake. The sword is not there to be threatening. Rather, the sword he holds represents mind and air. He thinks swiftly as a sword moves through space, carving out his thoughts with precision; his mind is focused and sharp.

The single jewel on the king’s crown is his third eye: he is a seer. Because he is a seer, he has intimations about the future. When he doles out justice, he strongly considers the future and potential consequences. Though some may find his choices unfair, the king’s strategy is not short-sighted; he has the long-game in mind.

Finally, the king’s posture is open. Though judges are often seen as cold, this king’s demeanor shows that at heart he is there to protect humanity, to protect lovers and bodies, minds and souls.

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