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December 2018

To kick off the new month, dear Sagittarius, mercurial Mercury (still retrograde) slides into your solar 12th house, and you’ll want to watch out for glitches, goofs, and gaffes in that mystical sector of fears, intuition, secrets, and the unknown. Take nothing at face value. Around December 2, loving Venus enters that same house, calming the waters a bit. Fortunately, Mercury turns direct on December 6.

On December 7, the New Moon in your solar 1st house (physical appearance, personality, identity) squabbles with Mars and Neptune in your house of home, family, and the past. Those two sectors may experience antipathy, annoyance, and attempts to escape from reality.

In the middle of December, a 1st Quarter Moon in your solar 4th house draws your attention once again to home, family, and the past. The next day, the Moon moves on to the next house, but a melodious aspect between Mars and Pluto soon prompts you to take the lead in a powerful way concerning connections between your domestic life and finances or material property.

The Sun (conscious will, ego) enters your solar 2nd house around the 21st, beginning a month-long focus on your sense of self-worth, values, and personal resources. On the 22nd, with a Full Moon in your solar 8th house, you are more emotional than usual about jointly held resources or resources that belong to other people. A harmonious aspect between the Moon and Uranus in your solar 5th house indicates a positive connection between merged resources and a surprising development in the area of recreation, romance, and children.

December concludes with a 3rd Quarter Moon in your solar 11th house, emphasizing your emotional connection to friends and members of groups you belong to. Lively Mars enters your solar 5th house at this time, lighting a fire under matters involving recreation, romance, and children.

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