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November 2018

As November gets up and running, dear Pisces, Uranus (planet of revolution, revelation, and liberation) arrives in your solar 2nd house for a six-month stay. Now and then during that time, you may very well experience a few OMG or “No Way” moments related to your material property, finances, and physical world. Priorities could be upended and values questioned.

November 7, the New Moon in your solar 9th house invites you to grow, explore, and expand beyond the commonplace, to start something new by reaching out and above into the world of higher education, spirituality, foreign ideas and cultures, and long-distance travel. Enjoy!

Forceful, enterprising Mars struts into your solar 1st house on November 15, offering you the courage to be or become the person you want to be in terms of physical appearance, personal expression, and physical vitality, and the confidence to maintain the “look” or image you desire as you project yourself into your immediate environment. On November 16 Mercury turns retrograde in your solar 10th house, bringing a 3-week period of possible confusion, mistakes, misunderstandings, and technological malfunctions that affect your professional and public life. Take extra precautions and double-check whenever you can.

On November 23, the Full Moon lights up your solar 4th house (house of home, family, and the past), and you are likely to be keenly aware of your emotional investment in that area of life. How you feel about your past and its influence on your current domestic life takes on special significance at this time.

Your solar 10th house is the location for a cosmic conference on November 26 and 27, with Mercury, Jupiter, and the Sun in attendance. This alignment is considered to be highly fortunate and lucky, which bodes well for your professional and public life, your career, your reputation, and so forth. Your instincts are unusually good right now. You may feel the urge to organize and tidy up your office, desk, or business calendar.

As November comes to a close, your solar 7th house hosts the Third Quarter Moon, giving you an opportunity to consider your deeper feelings about a close domestic or business partnership. Something in that area of your life just feels “wrong” and it may be time to bring some aspect of it to an end. You may feel ready to turn a corner and move in a new direction.

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