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Weekly World Horoscope 1/17/18

inner Capricorn goat figure satyr ouroboros infinite

Your New Moon in Capricorn Goat Horoscope: what goat represents your sign and what is your prediction?

2018 Horoscope Predictions For You!

chinese new year year of dog 2018 horoscopes

What does 2018 have in store for you? Here is your 2018 Zodiac Horoscope, an in-depth reading for you or to give as a New Years gift and positive token of empathy and compassion!

Weekly World Horoscope 12/20/2017

yule celebration winter solstice

Here are ideas on how to usher in the Winter Solstice based on your zodiac sign!

Weekly World Horoscope 12/13/2017

symbol of gemini transposed over twins for meteor shower


Geminids Meteor shower has the most brilliant showing of shooting “stars”  of all the yearly showers. At its peak, you can view 120 blazing tails per hour.

Weekly World Horoscope 10/19/2017

Mars holds an arrow proudly before image of fauna

Mars brings destruction and Libra desires status quo, but concept of Wabi Sabi helps you let go and face the inevitable changes this connection brings.

Famous Psychics in Movies

Famous Psychics in Movies - Margaret Leighton as Madame Orloff

In the1974 cult classic Beyond the Grave, two-time Tony winner Margaret Leighton plays psychic and clairvoyant Madame Orloff.

Made in London by Amicus and Warner Bro’s productions, this film is based on an anthology of four short stories by R. Chetwynd-Hayes. Each of the four stories begins with a customer at a curio shop called Temptations Limited.

My First Tarot Reading and the Pychic with Mismatched Eyes

my first tarot reading

This is the story of my first tarot reading. It took place in Chicago in Spring. It was my mother-in-law and husband who wanted a reading as a meaningful activity they could do together. To help them find a place, I called a few spots off Yelp and got ahold of Evon.

“Hello, this is the psychic card reader Evon speaking.” Evon’s voice was very low. “Yes, I’d like to set up a reading.” Was this a male psychic? I wasn’t sure. We set a time and price.

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Card of the Day

The Meaning of the Five of Swords

The Five of Swords Minor Arcana Tarot card could be interpreted in a variety of ways. This card is associated with aggression, loss, conflict, betrayal and resentment.

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