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Full Moon in Sagittarius

May 24th, 2018 in Astrology, Weekly World Horoscopes by Charmaine

a Sagittarius full moon is seductive in nature

Prepare yourself for a sensual Full Moon on the 29th by expanding inward like a blossom that puffs before it flowers!

This week’s horoscope prescription is: imbibe sweet nectar to your heart’s content, then make a move that is both intuitive and daring in nature!


Step One: Gather your Energy


At week’s start, positive energy is flowing between planets. First off, retrograde Jupiter works with Neptune turning your expansive, social energy toward your own spirit.

This is a time for personal rejuvenation with a kick. Rather than turn to the old comforts, do something wild for yourself. Check local papers for events; honor that neglected part of yourself!


Step Two: Let go of Expectations

With Mercury and Uranus holding hands this week, this is not a time for boxing yourself in. Shed labels and expectations of how you should act, feel, or speak.

You will say and do surprising things, and they will turn out for the best. Others find you bold and endearing.

You are charismatic in a realm where you usually take the back seat.


Step Three: Avoid Backlash

With all this exciting energy inside of you, it is only natural that you may feel some recoil or backlash.

Changes are undergoing, and the status quo is hard to shed. With Venus opposing retrograde Saturn, find a routine that settles your soul while still pushing forward and taking risks.

Make time for quiet reflection in a new circumstance, even if it means sitting on a curb and taking in your environment.

You might try to document the sounds you hear as a way to ground yourself!


Step Four: Prepare for the Full Moon

Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 29th brings a seductive edge to you. It is a deep and intense Moon that is very physical in nature.

You may find yourself breezing through a to-do list you once dreaded. Tasks come easy to you, and you have extra energy to spare.


Be social, even if it means chatting with the birds in your neighborhood trees.  


Overall: Preparing for this month’s Full Moon means nourishing your spirit and working toward a big release on the 29th. Celebrate your interconnectedness at month’s end by going out into the world and exploring what your culture has to offer you!


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