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Winter Solstice 2017

December 19th, 2017 in Astrology, Weekly World Horoscopes, Spirituality by Charmaine

yule celebration winter solstice

Tomorrow December 21st is the Winter Solstice meaning soon the shortest day and longest night will be behind us. For you, Winter Solstice - also known as Yule - marks a movement toward all that is bright, optimistic, and joyful as well as rebirth and fertility! Here are some tips for how to usher in this new season based on your zodiac sign:

Your Winter Solstice Horoscope


Slice up oranges and arrange them on a colorful plate. As you eat them, take that brightness into you and send it into the world.


Collect sticks or branches with interesting shapes. Place them on your mantle or winter altar and ask yourself, what is your inner kindling?


Wheat stalks are a traditional symbol of Yule, but since they can be hard to come by, cut yourself a nice hunk of bread and eat it as a token of nourishing yourself in the next year!


String up some mistletoe in your house and everytime you walk under it, think of a meaningful kiss you had. As you do so, open yourself up to kisses in the future!


Crunch into a red apple awakening your third eye. How can you cultivate vital energy in the new year? What practices can you take up to shake into an energized body?


Go to a bakery and buy a pastry you have never eaten before. As you eat it, consider all the experiences you have not had yet, and open yourself to newness and surprise!


Take a sprig of holly and pin it onto your clothes or keep it in your pocket as you go throughout your day. Let the holly remind you to be jolly and spread holiday cheer.


Find an old building with ivy growing on it and take photographs. As you do so, consider the passage of time and open yourself up to good fortune coming your way!


Travel into the forest and take note of how light dapples through the branches. Connect with your spiritual self and ask it serious questions on your mind this year.


Light a fire or turn to the yule log station on T.V. As you look into the flames, seek to expand your consciousness by having a vision within the flames that forebodes your future!


Drink (hard) cider with friends and make a toast reflecting on what you have been through together and what you can plan for 2018!


Pop the cap off an ale and do some hearty card-game playing because sometimes taking it easy is the best way to usher in brighter days!


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