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Weekly World Horoscope 10/10/2017

woman holds planet floating and chiron background

When Venus opposes Chiron you may be tempted to point out another’s flaws.

Weekly World Horoscope 10/5/2017

sword suit with aries ram over full harvest moon october

The Full Moon in Aries is called the harvest Moon and is associated with actions like hunting and represented by the swords suit of tarot. Which swords card are you?

Weekly World Horoscope 9/26/2017

god of the underworld with dog over shadow planet pluto

In October 2017, transit action makes Pluto a hot planet to watch. The month starts with the harmonious effects of Mars and Venus and closes out with planets testing Pluto and bringing difficulties to the surface.

Weekly World Horoscope 9/21/17

the justice, libra, over fall equinox image

The Fall Equinox comes after a New Moon in Virgo and brings the Sun into the house of Libra.

Weekly World Horoscope 9/13/2017

heavenly woman in wilderness with dragon on her lap

The sky on September 23, 2017 matches what is described in The Book of Revelations 12:1, but this means a time for living by your own standards and in tune with nature.

Weekly World Horoscope 9/5/17

exalted in virgo, planet of communication

Mercury is exalted in Virgo and this configuration means now is a time to make an important decision based on facts.

Weekly World Horoscope 8/28/17

the moon in the fish sign is moody, isolated, creative and fantastic

The Full Moon in Pisces represents a time of isolation but it does not mean melancholy; try to glimpse your own radiance!

Weekly World Horoscope 8/21/2017

ancient sun symbol with leo lion over it

Based on your Zodiac sign, what does the new cycle represented by solar eclipse in Leo mean for you?

Weekly World Horoscope 8/15/2017

moon blocking light from the sun

The Total Solar Eclipse taking place August 21, 2017 is viewable across America and occurs when the New Moon passes before the Sun, darkening it in the middle of the day.

Weekly World Horoscope 8/7/2017

ancient moon tarot card over pink and yellow background

It can be a moment to take more seriously that part of you which is different from the herd... unique, erratic, or bizarre!

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Weekly World Horoscope

Weekly World Horoscope 10/10/2017

woman holds planet floating and chiron background

This week Chiron and Venus oppose each other meaning you may feel like healing someone who does not want to be healed.

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Card of the Day

The Meaning of the Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords is a strange tarot card that inspires balance because it can both imply wealth and downfall from greed. There are several meanings that drawing this card can impart.

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