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Weekly World Horoscope 5/24/2018

a Sagittarius full moon is seductive in nature

Working toward Full Moon on the 29th, nourish your spirit and prepare for a celebration of your physical being.

Weekly World Horoscope 5/14/2018

 week of may 14 zodiac horoscope 2018

This week the planets are rolling into new signs. Read on for how planetary emotions and effects of New Moon in Taurus!

Weekly World Horoscope 5/7/2018

Moon in final stages in Aquarius sign

This week Moon is Last Quarter in Aquarius as Venus squares Neptune and Sun opposes the Moon. Taking care of yourself may mean going against your first impulse.

Weekly World Horoscope 4/30/2018

May 2018 Zodiac Calendar

May 2018 brings you a chance to experiment until you come to a place of genuine knowledge. It is a mix of energies that join in a happy, forward-thinking union.

Weekly World Horoscope 4/23/2018

Venus planet of love moves into Gemini (the twins)

This week Venus moves into Gemini and there is a Full Moon in Scorpio bringing out your mischievous and seductive side.

Weekly World Horoscope 4/9/2018

weekly zodiac horoscope pluto square sun

Pluto contends with the Sun then makes friends with Jupiter bringing you into a harmonious aspect to your shortcomings.

Weekly World Horoscope 4/4/2018

Venus over Saturn astrological depiction

Venus trine Saturn means a natural relaxing of rigidity alongside a highly perseverant energy capable of altering your environment.

Weekly + Monthly World Horoscope 3/29/2018

cosmic april horoscope retrograde

April means a New Moon, Full Moon, and Retrograde Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn! It is energetic spring time emotions and a frenzy of activities.

Weekly World Horoscope 3/21/18

planet of communication Mercury retrograde in fiery Aries

When Mercury goes retrograde in Aries it means undeniable emotional vulnerability alongside deep, inner transformation.

Weekly World Horoscope 3/13/2018

the moon card tarot new moon in pisces fish

New Moon in Pisces represents new beginnings and a time for communing with your emotional body.

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