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December 2018

To start the month, dear Taurus, Mercury (still retrograde) moves into your solar 7th house, bringing possible misperceptions and misunderstandings to your relationship with a close partner or adversary. Double- and triple-check all communications. Fortunately, your sign ruler, lovely Venus, enters that same house around December 2, a welcome sight for your eyes, to be sure. You can rest easier when Mercury turns direct on December 6.

On December 7, the New Moon in your solar 8th house (joint resources, loss, separation, and unseen forces) squares off against a Mars-Neptune planetary pairing in your house of friends, groups, and wishes. The effects of this distressing aspect could include antagonism, anxiety, or disappointment involving those two sectors.

In the middle of the month, a 1st Quarter Moon in your solar 11th house calls your attention once again to friends, groups, or possibly your goals and hopes for the future. The Moon moves on to the next house the next day, but a harmonious aspect between Mars and Pluto soon provides a tremendous surge of energy between 11th house issues and your involvement with matters related to spirituality or a foreign culture.

The Sun (conscious will, ego) enters your solar 9th house around the 21st, beginning a month-long focus on “long journeys,” whether they be spiritual, philosophical, or physical. On the 22nd, a Full Moon in your solar 3rd house, draws your full attention to everyday experiences and your immediate environment. A helpful aspect between the Moon and eccentric Uranus in your solar 12th house heralds positive change involving your interaction with neighbors or siblings and a hidden or private matter.

The end of the month finds a 3rd Quarter Moon in your house of work and health, turning your attention to everyday routine chores and/or health and habits. Forceful Mars enters your solar 12th house at this time, providing energy that can translate to enterprise or impatience concerning subconscious fears or resentments.

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