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November 2018

Fairly early in the month, dear Scorpio, unpredictable Uranus brings a six-month period when surprises or unusual developments are more likely than usual in your solar 6th house, which relates to work, responsibilities, and health. (This “heads up” is brought to you courtesy of Uranus Transits, Inc.) Remember that these surprises or changes can be beneficial (or not), depending on aspects that are formed during this time.

The New Moon appears in your solar 1st house on November 7. You may feel a great deal of energy and enthusiasm about “reinventing yourself” in some way. Maybe you want to change personal habits or work on improving self-confidence. Be brave. Be yourself.

November 15 and 16 is a busy time for you, as Mars brings an influx of high energy and passion to your solar 5th house, which includes romance, recreation, and children. The universally “dreaded” 3-week Mercury retrograde takes place in your solar 2nd house. Delays, glitches, and misunderstandings are more likely than usual to affect your finances or matters involving property and possessions. Be extra careful when trying to communicate your values or what you “stand for,” in case your words don’t accurately convey what you intend.

The Full Moon transits your solar 8th house on November 23, directing your attention to merged energies or merged resources. There are a lot of “deep” issues contained in the 8th house, including intimacy, loans and debts, losses, separations, death, and the occult. It’s always interesting to see which of those areas comes into the spotlight.

Some of the major players in the cosmic world are getting together later in the month in your solar 2nd house, wherein reside matters of the physical, material world. Mercury (the mind and communication), Jupiter (luck and expansion), and the Sun (basic identity) all seem to have a major interest in your finances, property, possessions, and values. What they bring to the table is primarily positive, encouraging, and optimistic energy that anticipates good fortune and growth.

Arriving at the end of the month, you have the Third Quarter Moon in your solar 11th house, prompting you to consider wrapping up or concluding something in the friends-and-groups sector. It may not be easy, but ultimately you will benefit from letting go of a relationship or association that no longer serves a purpose for you.

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