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November 2018

In early November, dear Leo, liberating, startling Uranus enters your solar 9th house. During this six-month transit, you may feel inclined to adopt unconventional approaches to religion or politics, or you may abruptly start or stop some level of higher education or spiritual practice. You may feel drawn to unusual foreign places, cultures, or people. And you may find that you couldn’t care less about anyone’s objections to what you are doing.

The New Moon on November 7 in your solar 4th house prompts you to explore your needs and feelings about various aspects of your domestic life. You are more aware than usual that home is truly where the heart is, and you want to make your home as secure, safe, and attractive as possible.

At midmonth lovely, charming Venus turns direct in your solar 3rd house. The term “neighborhood beautification” comes to mind, or you may feel like writing poetry or creating stunning pieces of art. At the very same time, Mercury turns retrograde in your solar 5th house. For about 3 weeks, you can anticipate mix-ups, misunderstandings, and technological problems in connection with whatever you do for pleasure and entertainment, or to express your creativity.

The Full Moon in your solar 11th house on November 23 reminds you that the role you play in others’ lives – as a friend or member of a group, team, or club -- is an important component of your overall happiness. You receive pleasure from pleasing others and from making them laugh, smile, or enjoy life.

A significant gathering takes place later in the month, when Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun get together in your solar 5th house. This tremendously potent energy offers hope, kindness, and joy to enhance recreational activities and relationships that already give you pleasure such as those with romantic partners or children. Creative expression is highly favored, and you reap the benefits of positive thinking.

At month’s end, the Third Quarter Moon signals the need for tying up loose ends or concluding a phase or cycle related to your solar 2nd house, where we find matters involving finances, possessions, property, and other resources such as time, talent, and values.

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