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November 2018

Early in November, dear Gemini, rebellious Uranus moves into your solar 11th house for a six-month sojourn. You may experience changes, upheaval, or even “revolution” in your friends-and-groups sector. This could include meeting new and unconventional people or joining a group dedicated to metaphysics or some other “fringe” topic.

The New Moon on November 7 in your solar 6th house prompts you to consider and introduce new diet and exercise approaches or work schedules. It’s a good time to analyze and sort out details in one or more of those sectors.

Midmonth, friendly, charming Venus turns direct in your solar 5th house. The presence of Venus in this house indicates a strong possibility of romance and enhances anything you do for fun and entertainment, as well as your relationships with children. At the same time, your sign ruler Mercury turns retrograde in your solar 7th house. For the next three weeks, you’ll need to watch out for snafus, miscommunication, or errors in your dealings with close domestic or business partners, competitors, and adversaries.

The Full Moon in your solar 1st house on November 23 calls your attention to your own needs and how you can express them without infantile outbursts or stomping on other people’s toes and feelings. You can do it! It’s called being assertive.

Late this month, Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun gather in your solar 7th house. You are likely to become aware of the importance of negotiation, compromise, and cooperation between yourself and “significant others” in your life – whether a spouse, business partner, domestic partner, or even a competitor or person you see as an enemy. There is plenty of energy here to aid personal, professional, and spiritual growth, along with assistance that can help you organize or “clean up” areas of life that need that attention.

The Third Quarter Moon at the end of November graces your solar 4th house, a place linked with home, family, and the past. Keeping in mind that all endings are really new beginnings, consider whether you are clinging to something that has outlived its usefulness or importance in your life.

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