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December 2018

December begins, dear Capricorn, with Mercury (still retrograde) in your solar 11th house, and you’ll want to double-check, clarify, and confirm all communication between yourself and friends or groups you belong to. Around December 2, agreeable Venus enters that same house, soothing ruffled feathers. Things will improve further when Mercury turns direct on December 6.

On December 7, the New Moon in your solar 12th house (intuition, fears, secrets, and the unknown) forms a difficult aspect with Mars and Neptune in your house of communication, where your thinking, observation, and analysis skills reside. Hostility, irritation, and unhelpful fantasies are all possible any situation where those sectors intersect.

A 1st Quarter Moon in your solar 3rd house in mid-December draws your attention once again to the ways you think, perceive, and communicate. The next day, the Moon moves on to the next house, but a helpful aspect between Mars and Pluto soon brings intense, fiery energy to connections between your communication or thinking style and the way you come across to others.

The Sun (conscious will, ego) enters your solar 1st house around the 21st, beginning a month-long focus on your personal expression, including manner of dress and how you habitually project yourself into your immediate environment. On the 22nd, with a Full Moon in your solar 7th house, you are more sensitive than usual about one-to-one relationships, both supportive and adversarial. A beneficial aspect between the Moon and Uranus in your solar 4th house fosters a positive relationship between those one-to-one relationships and an unexpected change in your domestic life.

A 3rd Quarter Moon arrives in your solar 10th house at the end of the month, and you may feel more sensitive than usual about your career or public image. Fiery Mars enters your solar 4th house at this time, delivering a call to action and passionate energy to your domestic life.

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