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December 2018

To start the month of December, dear Cancer, clever Mercury (still retrograde) moves into your solar 5th house, bringing possible misunderstandings and blunders that could affect recreation, romance, or your relationship with a child or children. Be watchful and check back to confirm that you have things right. Delightful Venus enters that same house around December 2, reducing the anxiety level. Even better, Mercury turns direct on December 6.

On December 7, the New Moon in your solar 6th house (work and health) clashes with a Mars-Neptune combo in your house of religion, higher education, and foreign cultures. The result could include anger, edginess, or discontent involving a connection between those two sectors.

In the middle of the month, a 1st Quarter Moon in your solar 9th house prompts you to focus once again on foreign cultures, spiritual issues, or academic matters. The Moon moves on to the next house the next day, but a harmonious aspect between Mars and Pluto soon provides a tremendous surge of energy between 9th house issues and your relationship with a close domestic or business partner.

The Sun (conscious will, ego) enters your solar 7th house around the 21st, beginning a month-long focus on one-to-one relationships such as domestic or business partnerships, or even relationships with competitors or adversaries. On the 22nd, with a Full Moon in your solar 1st house, you may want a bit of attention or feel that life has been too “other-oriented” recently. A helpful aspect between the Moon and inventive Uranus in your solar 10th house points to an unexpected turn of events concerning the relationship between your self-image and your public or professional life.

The month ends with a 3rd Quarter Moon in your house of home, family, and the past, drawing your focus to one or more of those areas. Vigorous Mars enters your solar 10th house at this time, offering high energy (positive or negative) in a matter concerning an authority figure or your own role as an authority.

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