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November 2018

Rolling into November, dear Aquarius, you may feel a strong urge to shake things up in your everyday life and immediate environment. You might experience this impulse off and on for the next six months, as your sign ruler, Uranus – the original “Rebel Without a Cause” -- takes up residence in your solar 3rd house. You may be inclined to change your usual way of speaking, writing, or thinking in ways that surprise people around you. This planetary energy could also point to dramatic, unexpected changes in your neighborhood or relationships with siblings.

With the New Moon in your solar 10th house on November 7, you may be more sensitive than usual to your standing in society, your ambitions, and your goals for your life. Career and/or public responsibilities carry more importance than usual for you.

On November 15 assertive, take-no-prisoners Mars strides into your solar 2nd house, bringing a strong possibility of activity and movement in the area of material property and finances. Aspects to other planets will help determine the nature of this activity or movement. November 16 brings the latest Mercury retrograde, a 3-week phenomenon that recurs regularly, to the dismay of many people. This time, it happens in your solar 11th house. You can expect some topsy-turvy type stuff, miscommunication, snafus, or dropped balls in the area of friends, clubs, and organizations.

The Full Moon in your solar 5th house on November 23 offers you a chance to focus on fun, romance, children, and creative expression. You feel your emotional investment in one or more of these areas more strongly than usual, and it shows.

On November 26 and 27, Mercury, Jupiter, and the Sun assemble in your solar 11th house, the house that means the most to you personally with its connection to friends, groups, and humanitarian causes. The energy available promises to be uplifting, expansive, and fortunate. You are likely to be able to clearly visualize the path you want to take going forward.

At the end of the month, the Third Quarter Moon in your solar 8th house draws your attention to a loss or separation that you may have been focusing on for too long. This could be a good time to let go or release your emotional hold on something (or someone?) so that a new day can dawn.

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