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About the Reading


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About the Reading - Past, Present, and Future - 3 Card Spread


The 3-card Past, Present, and Future spread is a straightforward reading that allows you to interpret your life from three important angles.


This spread is great for everyone looking to gain insight on their life, figure out what to do next, make sense of the past, and feel more calm and assured in the present.

How it Works

First, choose your three cards. The cards represent your past, present, and future. Touch the card to flip it over, revealing your fortune. The cards may appear rightside up or upside down, which is significant to your reading.

Past - The first card represents your past. Your past can mean your childhood or a past phase of life from just a few weeks to many years ago. In this card you will unearth your innate strengths and wisdom, which will carry you through life but also your weaknesses. Some tarot readers suggest that this card can also represent a past life.

Present - The next card, the middle card, represents your present state of being. This card helps you gain perspective on where you are right at this moment, what you are up against and what you have to work with. It may reveal things you are reluctant to acknowledge. For example, you may learn that your current efforts are in vain or that someone you trusted is shifty. On the other hand, you will also learn where your powers lay which you can nourish and grow into the future.

Future - Finally, there is the future card. The future is wrought with mystery and unknowns, and this card offers a magic view of what’s next in the journey. It can reveal where you are headed or could be headed if you do not make important changes. Looking into the future card, see what strengths you continue to develop, what you master, and what falls to the wayside as you pursue more meaningful endeavors. You might also be able to see where you will live, who you will fall in love with, or what kind of good fortune comes your way.

Charmaine’s Take

This 3-card Past, Present, and Future spread is the one I learned tarot on. To this day, I do this spread when I am in need of a quick, to the point reading about a significant event or emotion I am having. I also particularly use this spread if I am feeling uneasy and want some affirmation.

Often, I will do a Skype call with my best friend in the evening, when she is off work. She lays the cards out for me on her Turkish scarves then - ta-da! - the fortune-telling happens. Because she knows me so well, since we were pip-squeaks, it is helpful to have her insight on what each card forebodes. After the reading, I get to process it all with my pal then take it with me into my dreams.

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7 Tips on How to Make the Best of Your Online Reading

1. Create a Space

Light some candles, put on some music. Do whatever you do to relax. Maybe you wear a robe. Or, maybe you’re at work. In that case, just imagine your ideal relaxation zone. Or, arrange some flowers or special tchotchkes in a way that makes you feel at home.

2. Focus

During the span of your reading, send all your focused energy into the cards. If you are distracted, you might miss deeper aspects of your fortune telling. 

3. Question

Come up with a question about your life. This should be an open-ended question rather than a yes or no one. Some examples are, What can I expect in this next phase of my life?; What kind of lover is suited to me?; What should I do with my money, or how can I make more of it?

4. Openness

The cards work their magic by helping you make connections to your own life. Everything is game including your dreams, your childhood, your fears and achievements. Rather than fight the cards, get curious about what they reveal.

5. Creativity

Not only do you need to be open, but also creative. Scan your life for instances that connect to the cards. For example, is there a woman from your life who reminds you of The Empress card you drew? An old wise man who reminds you of The Hermit? Why are these connections significant to your life and the question(s) you asked in the reading?

6. Process

Readings are powerful. It is helpful to process your reading by writing down your reflections in a journal, using Voice Memo on your phone, or by talking to someone about it. You might also consider, what direct moves can you make as a result of this reading? 

7. Repeat

If you start to engage in tarot readings regularly, it will change your worldview. You will become more receptive to the cards and will see intuitively their direct influence on your daily life. I invite you to take as many readings as you like! May your readings be fruitful and wise.

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