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About the Reading


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About the Reading - Discover Tarot - One Card


Discover Tarot educates users through an in-depth look at the symbols on their chosen tarot card.


A thorough reading for those interested in becoming Tarot readers themselves, building a lexicon of symbolic knowledge, or anyone looking to furnish novel card interpretations.

How it Works

Once you tap your Tarot card to select it, you will get to discover each of the symbols on the card’s image. Each card is laden with symbols that are often mystical in nature.

Symbols on Tarot cards are often stem from ancient lore and religions as well as the occult. Not only does each suit represent something symbolically, but also each number has its own meaning as well.

On top of that, each type of flower has a unique meaning and so do letters, planets, and different types of stars.

Gestures also have meanings and can indicate openness, arrogance, or even jealousy. The sky changes colors indicating greed or passion, as does clothing and furniture.

The meaning of each symbol must be understood contextually. Though yellow can sometimes mean warmth and tenderness, in excess it can mean greed and superficiality. 

Charmaine’s Take

I have always been drawn to the symbols of the ancient Tarot; they are the building blocks of each card.

This reading can be considered an educational tool. Information about the symbols is culled from a myriad of sources including literature and encyclopedias.

Discover Tarot is useful for anyone looking to memorize card meanings in order to ultimately perform readings on themselves or on others. 

Additionally, you might consider deriving your own analysis of each card based on your personal associations with each symbol. Combine this with the historical information provided for a unique spin on the ancient image.

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Tips for Serious Study and Memorization of Symbols

If you desire to be a Tarot Reader, here are some tips for organizing your notes.

  1. Keep a log of symbols.
  2. Organize your log based on symbol type such as flower, color, setting, gesture, age, number, etc.
  3. Compare cards of the same number across different suits, and log similarities and differences.
  4. Track your personal associations with each symbol and add to this as you go throughout each day.
  5. Do other readings online or in person to test your knowledge.
  6. Look at each symbol and render your own interpretation before reading the one provided then merge the two to formulate your own position.


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