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Introduction to The Mystical Angels Oracle Deck

What are Angels?

Angels are divine beings of light who dwell in different dimensions. While they serve many mystical roles, Angels are also guardians, guides, and helpers to humans.  

There are specific types of angels: guardian angels and archangels, for example. 

The guardian angel is not specifically referenced in sacred scriptures, but one is believed to be assigned to every human on the day of their birth. Guardian angels are also said to be sent to humans in times of need throughout their life. Stories of guardian angels have been past down through the generations. There are also specific Archangels mentioned in Biblical texts. These angels include Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael. These Angels carry specific important tasks throughout history and have been influential in the lives of humans. 


With these cards, I hope that you will feel loved and inspired, protected, and divinely guided to pursue your highest calling and achieve your goals both spiritually and temporally. 

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Suggestions on How to Utilize an Oracle Deck

Find a quiet space. Center yourself. Take a moment to say a blessing for yourself and for the divine in your life. 

Ways to do a reading for yourself or a friend: 

  • You can do a three card reading. It can be past, present, and future
  • You can do a morning or evening reading: pulling one card in the morning to start your day or one card at night before bed (or both.)
  • You can pull five cards (or however many you like) at the end of the week, to prepare yourself for the new week ahead. Tip: I like to do this on a Saturday or Sunday when I’m making plans for the upcoming week. It helps me to prepare both mentally and spiritually for the tasks ahead.  


Utilizing Angel Numbers and Numerology to aid you and enhance your readings: 

Angel numbers can enhance your reading and help you follow your destiny and manifest your desires more rapidly. Angel numbers are divine number combinations that you may see in repetition. These numbers are Heaven’s way of trying to get your attention! There are messages for you when you are ready to receive them. Some powerful number combinations: 


222 - creative expression, living from the heart, following your dreams.

333 - divine trinity is with you now. This is a very powerful number. 

444 - you are being cared for by Heaven. The Angels are protecting you and surround you now. 

555 - change is coming.

666 - you are too preoccupied with material concerns and need to find balance again.

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