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An oracle angel card reading is a magical way to find mystical answers to your most pressing questions. By using the cards, you’re tuning into the divine realm and making a spiritual connection.

A powerful connection between you and the Angelic realm awaits with this Mystical Angels Oracle Deck. In these readings, you will finding nurturing, healing wisdom and divine understanding to help you stay empowered and inspired on your day to day journey.

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Use this divination tool to stay lovingly in-tune with yourself as a daily ritual; a practice to incorporate into your current divination routine, or way to enhance your meditation. Oracle cards are free flowing divination tools and creatively inspired by divine beings. Have fun with this virtual deck! 


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Weekly World Horoscope

Weekly World Horoscope 5/24/2018

a Sagittarius full moon is seductive in nature

This week’s horoscope prescription is: imbibe sweet nectar to your heart’s content, then make a move that is both intuitive and daring in nature!

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Card of the Day

The Meaning of Three of Cups

The Three of Cups represents happiness, connection and fruitfulness. It signals a time of emotional growth and celebration.

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