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Weekly World Horoscope 5/15/17

Weekly World Horoscope 5/15/17

Hello Planetary Beings! This week I took a close look at Luna, our dear friend the Moon. I hope you enjoy it :)

Weekly World Horoscope 5/8/17

Weekly World Horoscope 5/8/17

Hello! Your Weekly World horoscope update is below. I’d also like to let you know that soon I’ll be adding weekly and monthly in-depth horoscopes for your sun-sign (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces). I hope you enjoy the horoscope below. May your journey be thorough and long-lasting.

Famous Psychics in Movies

Famous Psychics in Movies - Margaret Leighton as Madame Orloff

In the1974 cult classic Beyond the Grave, two-time Tony winner Margaret Leighton plays psychic and clairvoyant Madame Orloff.

Made in London by Amicus and Warner Bro’s productions, this film is based on an anthology of four short stories by R. Chetwynd-Hayes. Each of the four stories begins with a customer at a curio shop called Temptations Limited.

My First Tarot Reading and the Pychic with Mismatched Eyes

my first tarot reading

This is the story of my first tarot reading. It took place in Chicago in Spring. It was my mother-in-law and husband who wanted a reading as a meaningful activity they could do together. To help them find a place, I called a few spots off Yelp and got ahold of Evon.

“Hello, this is the psychic card reader Evon speaking.” Evon’s voice was very low. “Yes, I’d like to set up a reading.” Was this a male psychic? I wasn’t sure. We set a time and price.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility

zodiac sign compatibility

There's a misconception that certain zodiac signs are incompatible. The truth is that some zodiac signs are more compatible than others.

Card Number 17: L’Etoile

The meaning of Lestoille Tarot

“If the customer has a hole in her pocket, tell her she’s going to lose money,” my father told me when I asked about his time as a tarot reader. Sometimes he pretends fortune-telling is that easy, is that much of a trick, but I know it means more to him than that: for forty years he has trucked around the poster advertising the tarot services he offered as a young man hitchhiking around America. On it he painted the star card from the Marseilles Tarot deck, a deck designed around 15th century in Italy.

2017 Zodiac Love Forecast

Zodiac Love Predictions

The 2017 Astrological year is a time for new beginnings, forging new habits and moving past old hang-ups. Whether you are currently with someone or searching for a meaningful relationship, exploring your astrological prediction can help you reach your potential as a lover and friend. These predictions can help you avoid basic dating pitfalls and lay the groundwork for a happy 12 months of love and connection.

Backpage Horoscopes


“Imagine it’s 1903 and you’ve just invented the world’s first airplane” or, Backpage Horoscopes

Most Saturdays in high school I would meet my friend for morning coffee at the local, bohemian roastery. In the back was a defunct train track where people from the Mission came to smoke with other regulars: sci-fi aficionados, massage therapists, entrepreneurs and the like. My friend and I, we came for the coffee and the free paper. In the back of the free paper were the horoscopes.

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Card of the Day

The Meaning of the Five of Swords

The Five of Swords Minor Arcana Tarot card could be interpreted in a variety of ways. This card is associated with aggression, loss, conflict, betrayal and resentment.

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