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Weekly World Horoscope 12/13/2017

symbol of gemini transposed over twins for meteor shower


Geminids Meteor shower has the most brilliant showing of shooting “stars”  of all the yearly showers. At its peak, you can view 120 blazing tails per hour.

Weekly World Horoscope 12/4/2017

moon depicted as supermoon in gemini

The Supermoon brings you a mix of elevated moods and occurs when Moon’s closest orbital point coincides with Full Moon.

Weekly World Horoscope 11/28/2017

aggressive planet Mars meets eccentric Uranus

When Mars and Uranus square from Libra and Aries your rebellious nature has a hard time fitting society’s mold for good behavior.

Weekly World Horoscope 11/22/2017

the planet neptune is no longer retrograde

When Neptune goes direct you sink back into reality yet maintain a sense of creative awareness, a symbiosis between reality and fantasy rooted in pragmatism.

Weekly World Horoscope 11/13/17

 owl in new moon with scorpion

New Moon in Scorpio brings renewal and cleansing for you depending on your sun-sign. This is not a moment for action, but absorption and reflection!

Weekly World Horoscope 11/6/2017

a fifties style drawing of a man and woman launched into the cosmos with loving tension

Venus moves into Scorpio meaning passion unhinged and a roller coaster of intimacy.

Weekly World Horoscope 10/30/2017

landscape full moon with artistically drawn bull

The Full Moon in Taurus brings symbiotic confidence of a romantic and intellectual nature.

Weekly World Horoscope 10/23/2017

scorpion for scorpio on sun with jupiter

When Jupiter and Sun are conjunct in Scorpio it means have a good time but know when to quit.

Weekly World Horoscope 10/19/2017

Mars holds an arrow proudly before image of fauna

Mars brings destruction and Libra desires status quo, but concept of Wabi Sabi helps you let go and face the inevitable changes this connection brings.

Weekly World Horoscope 10/10/2017

woman holds planet floating and chiron background

When Venus opposes Chiron you may be tempted to point out another’s flaws.

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