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Weekly World Horoscope 3/7/2018

saturn in capricorn squares venus and mercury in aries

Saturn in Capricorn squares off with Mercury then Venus meaning it is time for the King to let someone else borrow his crown. Embrace The Fool Card and explore the edge of your being while staying grounded in the physical experience.

Weekly World Horoscope 3/2/2018

king jupiter and planet in scorpio goes retrograde on march 8

On March 8th, Jupiter goes retrograde in Scorpio bringing the scorpion in you up from the ground!

Weekly World Horoscope 2/22/18

planet mars square venus astrology zodiac horoscope

 Your weekly zodiac horoscope for Mars square Venus and Neptune conjunct Mercury.

Weekly World Horoscope 2/8/2018

solar eclipse in Aquarius valentine's day horoscope


Your Valentine’s Horoscope includes a Solar Eclipse on February 15!

Weekly World Horoscope 1/30/2018

leo lion over full moon eclipse in leo january 2018

Here are your Zodiac Horoscopes for Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo for January 2018.

Weekly World Horoscope 1/26/2018

Total eclipse in Leo represented by tarot card with woman blindfolded

The Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo signifies strengthened resolve and a journey ahead.

Weekly World Horoscope 1/17/18

inner Capricorn goat figure satyr ouroboros infinite

Your New Moon in Capricorn Goat Horoscope: what goat represents your sign and what is your prediction?

Weekly World Horoscope 1/4/2018

eclipse in Leo and Full Moon in Cancer 2018

This month is pinned in by two Full Moons and a Lunar Eclipse: what does January 2018 hold for you?

2018 Horoscope Predictions For You!

chinese new year year of dog 2018 horoscopes

What does 2018 have in store for you? Here is your 2018 Zodiac Horoscope, an in-depth reading for you or to give as a New Years gift and positive token of empathy and compassion!

Weekly World Horoscope 12/20/2017

yule celebration winter solstice

Here are ideas on how to usher in the Winter Solstice based on your zodiac sign!

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