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Last Quarter Moon Means Intense Emotions

May 3rd, 2018 in Weekly World Horoscopes, Astrology by Charmaine

Moon in final stages in Aquarius sign

This week brings tensions to the surface, so get your bearings under Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius! Last Quarter Moon is emotional, so focus falls on taking care of what is under the surface. The question is, do you need time alone or a joyful meeting with friends? Being good to yourself may mean going against your first impulse.

Last Quarter Moon


When Moon reaches its Last Quarter, you are far from where you began. Beginning of May marks a time when you are in the thick of it. Certain problems a novice is unaware of, you experience as you approach mastery. Interpret roadblocks as gifts helping you to further understand the intricacies of your life’s pursuit.

Venus square Neptune

Venus square Neptune represents finding equilibrium between your desire to fit in and expressing your eccentric side. A desire to control the material often disappoints because matter is unpredictable. How many times has a ponytail gone loose or freshly watered plant wilted?

On the other hand, a desire to be unabashedly eccentric could make you the odd man out when you desire closeness.

My suggestion is: design a controlled environment where you can foster inward peace while also expressing your creativity. Try painting a table outdoors or bicycling while wearing different colored socks!

Sun opposes Jupiter

There are intense emotions that need your attention this week as Sun in Taurus opposes Neptune in Pisces. You may have the urge to avoid social situations altogether.

At the other extreme, you may desire to go buckwild, casting away your responsibilities! Knowing when to reign yourself in and when to let loose is a delicate balance.

Check in with yourself often, and be kind to your physical self by not pushing beyond your capacity. When emotions surface, decide whether to meditate on them alone or to get support from a close friend.


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