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May New Moon in Taurus

May 14th, 2018 in Astrology, Weekly World Horoscopes by Charmaine

 week of may 14 zodiac horoscope 2018

Planets move into a new sign meaning your undercurrents take on new vibrations this week! Look out for a raucous energy from Uranus with cooling attention on its way from New Moon. Read on to find your weekly prescriptions!


Uranus ingress Taurus 


Uranus’s motion into Taurus has a bold affect. Since Uranus is also dueling with Mars, this symbolizes an overcoming of your will. What that means for you is a forceful letting go of expectations and opening to the unknown. Uranus brings out your spontaneous nature in spite of Taurus’s staunch-held beliefs. The key is to accept your hypocrisies rather than fight them.

Even the desert grows flowers; equally, your opposite nature flourishes in startling colors!


Mars ingress Aquarius

Warrior planet Mars sails into the chill zone of Aquarius mitigating abrasive energy. This means that small actions come across as bold and powerful: no more trying hard to get attention.

Mars ingress also signals a turn toward your intuitive nature. Decisiveness reigns, and you no longer feel caught in the standstill of indecision.

You are like a hippo underwater, at once graceful and fluid, but also staunch and proud! 


Venus ingress Gemini

Planet of love and aesthetic superiority, Venus moves into Gemini this week signalling a reunion between you and your creative craft. If you were wavering, now is the time to recommit yourself to your project.

In love, this planetary shift represents a loving yet discerning energy. Rather than spilling over, you are refined and romantic. You know when to listen and when to dish.

New Moon Taurus

In some ways, having a fragile New Moon in bull-headed Taurus feels like a contradiction! However, union of Taurus and New Moon implies a full reset and chance for deep healing and cleansing.

Your metaphorical field has been reseeded, and you are waiting for something to sprout. Sprouts need constant and delicate attention.

Pay attention to what you put in, and something glorious will emerge!




1. Since New Moon is not a time for vivid dreams, find other ways to connect to what is going on for you under the surface. Try meditation, journalling, or phone-calls with an intimate friend.

2. Although you may feel like you know what to do, ask yourself if taking a new approach could be more interesting! Aim toward surprising results rather than “same old,” even if it means momentary discomfort.

3. Commit to a creative project, and schedule time to make marked steps forward in it. Bounce your fears off a peer, or expel them in a jubilant fire-burning ceremony!

4. Rather than get hung up on the negative, let yourself expand into new territory. How can you re-narrate the story of your life to leave things more open-ended? Forego the usual events that define you, and instead, find neutral events to tell the story of who you are and what comes next!


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