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Report from Pluto

April 8th, 2018 in Astrology, Weekly World Horoscopes by Charmaine

weekly zodiac horoscope pluto square sun

This week a shift comes your way on the wings of Spring! Pluto in Capricorn is gregarious this week. Prepare for activation of a radical now-ness, and read on for your weekly horoscope.

Sun Square Pluto


On April 10th, Sun squares Pluto from Capricorn. It is time to release what holds you back. Move away from a claustrophobic sense of self. Let Sun draw you out of hovel and into bloominess of Spring. Track the bright colors and energetic lines of daily life. Look away from corners and toward the center of experience. Build a fire in your gut. Meditate on moving bodies of water. Avoid stagnation; seek liquidity!


Jupiter Sextile Pluto


April 13th sets the stage for a handshake between two opposite planets: nervous Pluto and jubilant Jupiter! What this means for you is a breaking down of the fourth wall. Reach through fears to grasp your strength. Solidity meets shakiness in an unequivocal dance. Blossoms sing and it reverberates into roots. Vulnerability is strength. Boisterousness becomes you. Embrace your hypocrisies, but do not deny them. Gold is your color!


Weekly Horoscope



After a brief hiatus, your brashness clashes elegantly like a set of cymbals. You walk with spurs shining in sunlight. This week, set out to be noticed. Sidewalk heats under your shoes.


Conservatism caves to eccentricity. This week, your extravagant side parades under the Sun. Your shortcomings adorn your vestments like beautiful brooches. Your confidence is unparalleled!


Restlessness of Spring whispers in your ear. You are a lover, in love with animate and inanimate alike. Dole out tendernesses blindly. Open like an antennae. 


Not crabby or domesticated, this is a week for unfurling your curious and mischievous parts! Sneaking and trespassing are encouraged. Steal a view, voyeur, watch for the unwatched!


Instead of prideful, you feel motivated like a bug that caught a drift. You land on a sunny spot of the roof. Everything you do is right-on this week. Despite a heavy load, you feel light!


Crankiness evaporates from the pond. You are the orange bodied coy glinting through water. Get in touch with what’s under the surface. Dance without words. Sensuality becomes you.


You are like the man in the barrel going down a waterfall this week! Out of control but enamored with frenzy, you roll with the punches. This is a week for laughs, free-falls, and happy encounters.


You find a base in yourself from which to judge the world pleasantly. Your core glows with fervor, and you are grounded in your pursuit of truth. This week sets the tone for the next phase of your journey!


The energy of Spring forces you to abandon strict regimens. Look to nature for new patterns to emulate. If you are a plant, which one are you? Practice new gestures with your arms.


This week is about finding center in a new configuration this week. You are a natural, but a new balance point evolves in you. Tip in every direction until you find the hot spot. You are a steaming hot springs!


At times perverse, this is a week for getting in touch with your less serious modality. Enjoy the gross, bizarre, and untethered: choose the double yolk, the two-headed cherry. Take work with a grain of salt. Revel in incongruity!


Seafood, champagne, and organic foods are recommended this week as Pluto embraces Jupiter, King of Celebration and Rejuvenation. Live like an elite this week. Wear your most royal apparel!



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