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Zodiac Horoscope for Venus Trine Saturn

March 31st, 2018 in Astrology, Weekly World Horoscopes by Charmaine

Venus over Saturn astrological depiction

A sparkling cocktail of exuberant and arduous energy arrives on your table as Venus trines Saturn on April 6th! Read on for your specific sun-sign zodiac horoscope :) Also, I made an angel card reading that will be up on the site in the next week. Keep an eye out for it at free readings! :)

Saturn in Capricorn


You are calm and relaxed with Saturn in Capricorn, which is the friendliest of signs. When Saturn arrives here, its severe nature is mitigated. A lightness of heart accommodates you, yet you are focused and follow regimens.

Venus in Taurus


Venus symbolizes aesthetic clarity, and Taurus is a leader. With this cosmic positioning, you have visions of your aesthetic desires and are bold enough to actualize them.

Try this: Rearrange your home. Alter the foundation by adding fresh soil to the roots.


Saturn Trine Venus

You accomplish goals with a friendly demeanor, and do not back down at small obstacles. Confident, brazen, serious, organized: you are unstoppable!

Weekly Horoscope



You are a metaphorical seamstress, watching closely as your fabric squares hold hands becoming a powerful and magical blanket. This means: your material well-being is protected this week, and you make advances in career.


You are experiencing a glitch in the matrix. This week, you hold your spiritual beliefs up to the light and find holes. However, these holes are like the intricate silk-work of a spider’s web. You weave a congruous and nuanced tale, and are open to interpretation. This makes you shine!


An intense aspect for you, this Venus trine Saturn brings you in touch with transformative energy. Instead of trying to alter the external environment, your work turns inward. Center in yourself. You are flowering bright yellow flowers that speak true and compassionately.


You are getting comfortable in your new configuration to someone you care about. This frees you up to explore your own projects. Feeling secure, you allow yourself to float, explore, dream, and pursue your fancies. When you come down, there is someone to hold you; you are loved!


Forward-facing, this week brings you in touch with long-term goals.  While you are strapped down for now, what does the future hold? A vision appears to you in the form of an Indian miniature. A beautiful, holistic existence awaits; have you tapped into it?


Your competitive nature pulses with flirtatious energy this week. It is the perfect moment to plan your next adventure in detail; who will you bring along? Your poker face gives you away, and you know it. What do you want another to see in you? What do you want to admit (to a crush?)?


You clear the air with close friends or family members this week. This creates a strong platform for exploring your spiritual nature. What big questions are on your mind, and how can meditating on them expel fears that you are ready to release? 



Setting boundaries with old companions makes room for you to slip into the hot tub of your love life with more commitment. Your eyes fall onto that person of interest, and you feel as though the two of you are dancing on your own planet. Dig in!



The material world can be discombobulating for you, but this week you get a grasp on it. Work is abundant and rewarding. You ride in on a chariot of material satisfaction. Your physical prowess is one with your financial stability.


All blurriness is eliminated. The self you imagine, aspire to, and yearn for merges with what actually exists. Vital, driven, urgent, yet you remain playful and creative. You reach for a star and it becomes your jewelry. 



You are courageous this week, accessing and expelling negative thought patterns rooted in a past modality. Planet Venus expands your jovial nature in home setting. You strike a chord on an unusual instrument making a startling sound, jolting you into a firm sense of your new awake self!



Your social sphere is vibratory this week. You get over a hump, and a personal change you wanted to make completes. You swan dive into a lake of tranquil, forward ripples: success is natural!


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