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May Horoscope Predictions for 2018

April 30th, 2018 in Astrology, Weekly World Horoscopes by Charmaine

May 2018 Zodiac Calendar

From New Moon in Taurus to Full Moon in Sagittarius, May takes you from a place of inner tranquility to one of titillating confidence. Read on for what to expect for the month of May based on your zodiac sun sign. First, here is my May prediction.

May 2018 Predictions 


The beginning of May brings a collaborative energy to your organized and expansive sides. What this means for you is a marriage between soaring over mountain tops as a bird and making blueprints for your future. Make time to plan with equal time for goofing off; unproductive time is fodder for the soul!

As May continues, your two sides merge in a powerful and unstoppable union. When Mercury then Uranus moves into Taurus, your gaze focuses into a laser beam.

New Moon represents a new beginning, but you are far from being a novice. In career, instead of harping on the holes, this means acknowledging your progress!

You are a master, and after many trials, you begin a project with sincere knowledge of past pitfalls and successes. This initial energy may feel headstrong, but it soon relaxes into a more natural confidence as Venus moves into Gemini on the 18th. Try to focus on concrete steps you can take. Ask yourself, which action will feel intuitive, organic, and complimentary?

At the end of May, you are more open to experimentation where before you had your mind set. Outside influences come into play, making this a moment for adventure and surprise. Over the course of the month, you have built your nest, and now bright, colorful birds pay you a visit. Celebration is in the air, so string up your party banners!

Zodiac Sun Sign Horoscopes


In May, a silliness infuses your attitude. Rigidity cancels itself out, and you dance in the moonlight. What others say does not affect you, and you happily plan your future.


A lushness accumulates on your dreamscape ushering in a moment of radiant growth in you. You may have felt you reached a plateau, but new, exciting signposts appear.


May brings you to a place of intense questioning. You are looking at yourself like a scientist through a microscope. Bring to this focus a tenderness as though you are transferring a ladybug to a leaf.


You are rounding the bend and heading toward the finish line. Loosen expectations and prepare for out-of-body experiences. You are moving fast under the surface, and a gift comes your way!


The door swings between creative release and disciplined work for you this May. In moments of seeming urgency, look out the window for a sign. Where does the light fall? Put your attention there.


Action in the house of love for you this May means vulnerability then stability. You take off a metaphorical garment and share an intimate moment with a stranger. It feels right.


May has an expand/contract pace for you. It may feel like two steps forward one step back; however, real progress is being made! Ask yourself, what is in your control? Climb the tree of your inner-peace.


Working toward Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 29th, May allows you to test and experiment until you find a method that feels genuine. 


A quiet part of you sings out this month. What have you been holding to yourself, and how can you let it expand? You buoy up with a new side of yourself as captain. What new shore gleams?


You are letting go of something, but your cup is filling with a dark yet invigorating liquid. The energy of emptiness gives you a warrior spirit, and planet Mars makes you robust in love.


You find yourself having to adjust to a new situation at home. This shift results in a deeper sense of relaxation for you. You let go of a block and use it as a stepping stool for expansion on the spiritual plane!


May brings you a chance to make your inner-worlds tangible. Your dreams solidify, and skills you were working on progress to a point others can appreciate, too. 


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