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Weekly Zodiac Calendar 4.23 - 4.30

April 20th, 2018 in Astrology, Weekly World Horoscopes by Charmaine

Venus planet of love moves into Gemini (the twins)

This week a cat-like attitude Can-Cans into view bringing you a Full Moon and other wonders. Rather than a week for controlling yourself, it is time to observe yourself like a scientist watching a butterfly unfold its wings for the first time. Read on for this week’s astrological calendar!


Monday, April 23
Mars sextile Jupiter


When Mars sextiles Jupiter this is a positive aspect bringing a drivenness to your outgoing nature. What before was private you now share confidently. Aggressive and bold actions are seen by others as enthusiastic and lighthearted albeit incorrigible.

Tuesday, April 24
Venus ingress Gemini

Venus moving into Gemini this month means your bent toward creativity is off the hook. Your zany ideas are getting focused and particular. You are a butterfly with nectar available to you from a great bouquet of flowers. Which flower will you land on? To whom will you show your wings?


Wednesday, April 25
Mercury square Saturn & Mars conjunct Pluto

While Mercury’s relationship to Saturn makes communication hard and rigid, Mars and Pluto are an intense yet balancing force. You are like a tightrope walker, narrowly avoiding disaster as the winds of confrontations whip and jab. Stare intently at your goal: the other side of the tightrope, the promise land, that desired shore. Focus on where you want to end up rather than fighting trivial battles that will ultimately throw you off course.

Saturday, April 28
Sun trine Saturn


On the 28th, have compassion for yourself. This is not a moment for making a change in yourself, but for loving your peculiarities. You may feel rigid like the Tin Man without oil, but listen for a song and rhythm in those squeaking joints. Dance despite feelings of awkwardness and EXPAND!, for in clumsiness is also the grace of humility!


Monday, April 30
Full Moon in Scorpio


The crab makes it to the Moon! What this means for you is mysterious and seductive qualities. You peer out behind a veil with cosmic-colored eyes. Your own power stirs in you and cannot be withheld. All attempts to be smaller than you are fail. You are witchy, mesmerizing, and sequined!

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