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Saturn Horoscope for Mercury Square Venus

March 7th, 2018 in Astrology, Tarot, Weekly World Horoscopes by Charmaine

saturn in capricorn squares venus and mercury in aries

Saturn square Mercury then Venus brings you mind-expanding confrontations from the seat of Planet Saturn in Capricorn. What this means for you is walking to the edge of your being, throwing off your crown, and embracing The Fool



March 10: 

Stern Saturn in Capricorn bumps up against Mercury in Aries. What this means for you is teeter-tottering between self-sufficiency and vulnerability. On the one hand, you are The King sitting on your throne. You are robust, judicial, and on top of things. On the other hand, you find yourself feeling prone and vulnerable in conversation with others. It may feel contradictory, but loosening up and sharing control will give you confidence. See where you can embrace the unknown and opt for another’s way of doing things, even if it feels roundabout. In the end, this creates overarching feelings of friendship and joyfulness!

March 12: 

When King Saturn bristles at Venus in Aries, you may feel tempted to rush through tasks and lose touch with your physical being. Try to stay grounded in your body. Introduce calming routines even if brief such as drinking herbal tea, bathing, or meditating. Saturn and Venus are both particular about shaping the world, but Venus has an artistic temperament while Saturn is more rational and literal. Make room for these two sides of yourself to converse without going so fast it makes your feet go numb. Overall, Saturn and Venus can collaborate as long as you slow down and make room for creative play alongside more pragmatic concerns.


The Fool is the card of the week because it represents a moment where you are on the edge of discovery, carefree and primed for playfulness. With Saturn in a tight spot between Mercury and Aries, the Fool offers you a breath of relief and a note of humor to put things in perspective. The Fool takes life seriously but is not afraid of failure or, ahem, making a fool of himself! 

The Fool bids you take off your crown and relinquish control. Jeffrey Lewis, a favorite cartoonist and anti-folk singer of mine, says in a comic, “I let myself fall into the world and the world caught me.” The Fool does a trust-fall into the world and finds himself buoyed by surprising supporters. If you have been focusing on negative or ominous elements, see if you can re-adjust toward the innocuous, beautiful, kind, tender, and inspiring.


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