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Mercury Retrograde in Aries

March 21st, 2018 in Astrology, Tarot, Weekly World Horoscopes by Charmaine

planet of communication Mercury retrograde in fiery Aries

Tomorrow Mercury goes retrograde in Aries meaning water meets fire for you this week! Not only that, today Sun enters Northern Vernal Equinox meaning day and night are equal lengths, and it is officially Spring! Read on for your weekly horoscope!

Mercury in Aries

Watery planet Mercury goes retrograde in fiery Aries sign tomorrow. Aries is the sign of leadership, the flying ram, and the golden fleece. Mercury represents the mind, discourse, curiosity, and all of this at a fast pace! Usually Mercury in Aries means a time for fast, fiery action without emotional overload, but what is the effect of Mercury’s retrograde motion?

Effects of Retrograde 

Astrologers describe retrograde motion as a time when a planet’s ruler goes on vacation. Normal effects of the planet are intensified or swapped for their opposites. Due to the erratic nature of retrograde planets, it can be difficult to navigate emotional terrain of retrograde Mercury. Here is a guide and horoscope based on your zodiac sign.




You are riding the golden ram with a fiery wand this week as Mercury goes retrograde in your zodiac sign! This means you are at once uncovering new emotional terrain in yourself while also exploring your role in the physical world. This moment is marked by bravery and persistence!


You find yourself analyzing your own conversation style as Mercury goes retrograde in Aries. Your words feel poignant and pointed rather than rote, and you are empowered to find new paths to articulate your inner states.


An influx of friendships comes your way as Mercury goes retrograde in Aries. Your heart opens and your host(ess)ing skills are on point. You may feel unsure of how new friends feel about you. Strive for honesty even if it makes you feel like The Fool.


You reach a plateau in terms of achievement, and set up camp there. You are The Empress in the forest and there is a quiet and pleasant solitude. You may feel you are still looking for something. Meanwhile, you are whole in yourself.


Your normal way of understanding the world is tested as Mercury goes retrograde in Aries. What gave you confidence no longer suffices, and you seek a new North. You will emerge more fiery than ever!


It is all about transformation for you as Mercury goes retrograde in Aries. This occurs in your romantic life as well as in the realm of money and spirituality! A big life-change is on the horizon; lift up your antennae!


A conversation on the back-burner flames and must be addressed. Rather than fan the flames or let your golden fleece catch fire, take the lead in admitting missteps and articulating how to come by a better next-time. 


You are able to take a load off at work under Mercury gone retrograde. What before felt mind-numbing is now expressed authentically through you. No longer shut down and worn out, you are vivacious and curious!


Where before you were free-wheeling, Mercury retrograde in Aries causes a shift in your social expression. Rather than shut it off, make room for feelings of vulnerability in the presence of others. It allows others to relax into themselves, too.


You are a fast-mover and talker this week, but when it comes to family, try to consciously slow down. Take a brush to your golden fur and observe your inner-state. Physical intimacy can come from a comfy couch, too.


While earth is half light and dark with the recent equinox, you find yourself off-kilter. Allow yourself to get emotional regarding recent encounters and celebrate your humanity with good friends.


Mercury retrograde in Aries marks an emotional moment for you of potentially overidentifying with your possessions. Put on your golden fleece then start up engaging conversations with friends or books to reorient your mind-energy!

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