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Weekly World Horoscope 3/2/18

February 28th, 2018 in Weekly World Horoscopes, Astrology by Charmaine

king jupiter and planet in scorpio goes retrograde on march 8


On March 8th, Jupiter goes retrograde in Scorpio. When a planet goes retrograde, its normal powers are perverted in fun and mysterious ways. Read on for your retrograde Jupiter horoscope!


Jupiter is the fun-loving planet, all about expansion, buoyancy, and playfully testing boundaries. Scorpio is the constellation known for intensity, divisive action, and secrecy. Jupiter in Scorpio generally represents a moment for loosening your grasp, breaking through old and negative mental habits, and self-love. 


Since Jupiter is retrograde in Scorpio this time around, this brings a level of wackiness to you!


This week is not about making progress or consciously letting go of bad habits. Instead, the retrograde motion brings you unexpected realizations that jolt you out of the ground and into an expanded sense of self! 


Jupiter Retrograde Horoscopes




With Jupiter gone Retrograde in the house of the metaphorical father, you are like the kid in “Home Alone.” You make insanely wonderful plans for yourself, and live out your dreams with no one to answer to but yourself.




What you were trying to workout logically hits a deadend. Instead, Jupiter Retrograde transforms you from the inside out. Try acting intuitively rather than from a place of rationality and reasoning. 




It is your lovelife that is most affected by Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio. The Scorpion loosens its metaphorical pincers, and you open up for the best hugs of your life. 




With Jupiter going retrograde in your house of career and health, you get that energy boost you were looking for. While you may not feel 100% confident in work, you dive into it anyway for all that it is worth. 




It is time for fun but in wacky ways! Jupiter going retrograde means skip your regular haunts and switch up the pace. Travel to a nearby city, and talk to strangers who will reveal intimate and exciting details to you!




Jupiter going retrograde in Scorpio unleashes a new perspective in terms of how you view your foundation. You rip out the weeds and set the scene for a new story to take place.




Where before it took effort to feel connected to your community, Jupiter going retrograde makes way for outbursts of social life. You feel tied in, loved, and primed for exotic experiences in your local hood.




A glint on something in a metaphorical window display catches your eye. You want to invest in something you have just discovered, and doing so represents a shift in your value system toward what is wholesome yet spontaneous!




You hit a new high in terms of how you feel in your body when Jupiter goes Retrograde on the 8th. Things you took so seriously before, you now swat at like powerless flies. You feel like an Empress/Emperor and are unbreakable.




At times you can be rigid, but Jupiter retrograde creates a number of silly obstacles that make it impossible to hold firm to anything. You may feel like you are in a funny movie; embrace the chaos!




You discover a hobby through friendships when Jupiter goes retrograde. It is a good time to invest time in it, even it feels unlike you. It brings out a side of you that feels refreshed and jubilant!




Jupiter retrograde means you find yourself in an unexpected position in relation to your career. Despite hangups, you are moving forward in an area you thought you had left behind, and it brings you joy!

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