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New Moon in Pisces Means Innocent Beginnings!

March 12th, 2018 in Astrology, Tarot, Weekly World Horoscopes by Charmaine

the moon card tarot new moon in pisces fish

I want to tell you, there is propelling creative energy coming your way from New Moon in Pisces on the 17th! New Moon represents beginnings, innocent desire, quiet fertility, and a chance to replenish. Read on for your New Moon Horoscope

New Moon Meaning

Your yearning takes place on the emotional level with this Moon. In Tarot, The Moon Card pictures a dog, wolf, and crab howling at the unreachable Moon that seems miles away. Yearning for what you do not have is not a negative. In fact, it is impetus to make a change, take a risk, and overall enlarge the scope of your life


Pisces Meaning

When the Moon and Pisces come together, it means submerging, and letting your dreams take the lead. It also means following your intuition, getting into your flow. 

During this time, you are able to dissolve obstacles with little effort:

What plagued you before
is now a mere whisper,
unassuming as
a ladybug

With emotions leading the way for you, physical body needs extra comforting. Set aside time for stillness while dreams do their work on you.



With a New Moon in your house of self-image, you will receive instructions for a journey with an unknown end. Gather your effects. Your vital energy is high! What will the wind blow in?


You reach out for the Moon and can feel it in your hand, but is it the Moon you were hoping for? This is a moment for keeping your options open, giving yourself a meaningful gift, and laying your head on a friend’s shoulder.


Your deep friendships are nourished with New Moon in Pisces. Make time to one-on-one with those you value but with whom you have lost touch. Open up with your friends, and share with them your amazing capacity for tender listening.


For you it is a moment for laying low and letting the present moment dictate your actions. Take care of your physical being, and make room for emotions without labeling them prematurely. Your career path will become clear as time passes, and no time is lost or wasted: your efforts are correct.


Recent experiences have you seeking answers to difficult questions. New Moon in Pisces represents a time for you to seek out these answers from sources beyond your normal sphere. Who can you reach out to, and what will you verbalize?


New Moon in Pisces represents a moment of transformation for you. Often in your head, this is a time for being deeply embodied. You may feel your emotions in your fingertips. Be compassionate with yourself and make time for relaxation.


Trust issues crop up for many people no matter their sign, but New Moon in Pisces offers a moment of respite for you. You hold a perfect pearl in your palms, and nothing can harm it. Wear your heart like a ruby-red earring on the dance floor.


You have reached yet another level in terms of career, yet the higher you go, the more new challenges appear. You are learning on the job, so to speak, and New Moon makes this an exciting experience!


An aspect of who you are that has been gestating deep within, shines out with New Moon in Pisces! You are full of joy, openness, and face reality with a grittiness that did not become you in your previous manifestations.


A new spigot opens up where before you felt blocked. Family patterns you took for granted melt away, and the opportunity to draw a new path on old terrain gives you a feeling of freedom.


With New Moon in Pisces, it could be good for you to tap out of communication with local connections. Before you stir the pot, get in touch with your own motivations and desires. A surprising realization arises!


You hit your stride when it comes to making your way in the world. You relax where before you felt unsure, and you are now planning ahead for a future you feel optimistic about.

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