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Valentine's Horoscope

February 7th, 2018 in Astrology, Weekly World Horoscopes by Charmaine

solar eclipse in Aquarius valentine's day horoscope


Originally the wild, pagan feast and celebration of fertility called Lupercalia, Valentine’s Day is now mostly about exchanging cards, jewelry, or trying to avoid it all!

The big event preceding Valentine’s Day is Mercury squaring Jupiter. While squaring is usually negative, this kind of tension is positive for love and fertility. It creates an energy that can transform into conversation. Because of this, flirtation is at a high on the 13th, the perfect introduction to the day of love and romance. If you are single or anti-V-Day, seek out a place where you can strike up an interesting conversation. Talking can be just as pleasurable as a chocolate kiss!

On Valentine’s Day itself, Mercury sextiles Uranus. This brings the energy to a more relaxed place, yet Uranus keeps things exciting. Prepare to be surprised on the 14th, even if you think you know what the plan is. Since Mercury is in Aquarius, this is a day where service to others is good on you. Move beyond words to tangible actions. With Uranus in Aries, this is a moment to open up about your deep love and respect for another person. Single or partnered, what act of service can you do for another on this day?

The day after Valentine’s is a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius! This brings a heat and glow to your actions in the last week or so. You are like a character in Mario Kart with an iridescent, halo power. What I mean is this: inconsistencies are heated out of you. You congeal and fill with love, baking like a loaf of bread. Single or together, this Solar Eclipse is about carrying your essential nature like a bowl of water to a hungry cherry blossom tree. There is something fruiting in you, and you nurture it with wild devotion!


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