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Weekly World Horoscope 2/22/18

February 20th, 2018 in Astrology, Weekly World Horoscopes by Charmaine

planet mars square venus astrology zodiac horoscope

On the 24th, two Cosmic events bring an aggressive sensual energy to your dreamy side. And yet, your desire is balanced by a need for mental clarity on subterranean levels. Read on for your weekly zodiac horoscope!


Cosmic Events Recap:  


1. Mars squares Venus


The two big events this week occur on the 24th when Mars from Sagittarius squares Mars. Simultaneously, Mercury goes conjunct with Neptune. Mars is hungry, ravenous, agitated, and one-minded and heads off a battle with Venus. Venus has a lighter, divisive touch, and tries to make herself known amidst Mars’s chaos.


2. Mercury conjunct Neptune


In the background, and offering solace, Mercury and Neptune harmonize for a backbone of sanity. This is like two friends finding each other in the melee of a raucous party or uncomfortably loud concert hall. This conjunction means your time is fruitful in collaboration, though not how you expected.


And here is your more specific zodiac horoscope for this week:




You are forward throttle yet restrained in your career right now. This means you have things you want to get off your chest, but do you really need to get them off? Instead, plug into your capacity for fantastic imagination! Find your answers through constructive playtime; it’s more fun, anyhow!




You are serious verging on adamant this week about finding a new outlet for your skills. This is a week for self-exploration. Thumb through your options and make lists: what do you want from life, and how can you re-arrange it to achieve this?




A pang of a spiritual nature attaches to you this week with fervor. You want something and cannot nail down its specifics. And yet, your friendships bubble over gratuitously. You are full in many ways, and a youthful seeking nature becomes you!




You are balancing love and work life, and the answer to equilibrium is aloof. Lean into your dreams where psychological questions work themselves out. In the daytime, eschew labels and embrace a more open stance toward who you are and what you represent this week.




Celestial events occur in your houses 6 and 9 this week, an auspicious number indeed! What this means for you is passion at the workplace leads to an unbounded discovery on your own. You find a new channel of expressivity, so secure your headlamp!




A burst of energy overcomes you this week, but you feel torn deciding how to use it. My advice: adventure to a natural spectacle such as a waterfall or forest. Throw alternatives out the window. Manifest a trophy for your wild perseverance.




Lovelife is particularly affected by this week’s cosmic aspects. While disappointment in one respect becomes heightened, getting it all out on the table allows for a happy and magnanimous communion of the souls.




You are leading with your body this week. It is fun and yet, you second-guess yourself. Don’t! You are like a flapper wearing fringe for the first time: all eyes on you, and it is mesmerizing! Climb atop your metaphorical elephant and parade through the room of your life.




Working hard to achieve material success, you are still searching for that worldly element to “complete” you. Instead of searching for the key outright, direct your attention to your budding friendships. This is a moment to frolic, play, and lose yourself in a city with surprises!




You are ruled by intense planet Mars this week, and your urges are difficult to control! Seek the company of someone who gives you a sense of home. See if you can make small changes rather than a drastic overhaul. Celebrate your mistakes with a rich (vegan?) chocolate cake!




This week you are tired of pretending to be sheepish or naive on a subject you know like the back of your hand. Take a stand! At the same time, people come out of the woodwork showing their support for you in genuine and authentic ways.




You may feel bullheaded at work where you thought things had eased up. Embracing your aggression shows you how much you care about something you thought was “just work.” Give in: you are what you eat!

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